Beta News: Open Beta For Knights Fable

KnightsfableiMiGAME is pleased to announce the Open Beta for their new MMORPG Knight’s Fable is well underway! Don’t miss the opportunity to join the fight against the minions of hell and restore all of the world’s holy ruins to their former glory. Train your beasts, improve their skills, and send them to battle alongside you and your many heroes!

Knight’s Fable is a turn-based strategy MMO designed with numerous features and extremely in-depth gameplay mechanics. Players begin their journey in a fantasy world full of myths and legends, where heroes are challenged not only by their courage and bravery, but by their skills on the battlefield. With 4 different hero classes to choose from, along with explosive guild warfare, cross-server battles, PvP action (Player vs Player), and numerous boss battles, Knight’s Fable is certain to leave players enthralled with hours of continuous engagement. With a large assortment of daily events, open-world battles that can hold up to a thousand players, and the deep “Astral System” that allows players to creatively customize their hero, Knight’s Fable is the top choice for anyone interested in both a casual and hardcore gaming experience.


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