Beserk Evolution Now Available For iPhone

Nival and Bytex have announced the launch of a new strategy card game, Berserk: Evolution for iPhone.

Berserk: Evolution is a mobile strategy collectible card game where you take on the role of a warrior-mage, assembling an army of unique creatures, managing your own flying island and using this army to expand your territory – taking it from other players.

Cards are taken from five elements of the natural world. Each element pairs well with one other element but can be countered by a third one. Therefore, when assembling an army, you must consider not only the power of your warriors, but the synergies they can use on the battlefield. Only a well-thought-out combination of elements, soldiers, gear and land will lead to victory.

"Berserk: Evolution is ideal for short gaming sessions on the go, which is exactly what gamers want from their smartphones," noted Ivan Fedyanin, Executive Director of Mobile Publishing, Nival.

"This project incorporates our entire ten-year experience working with card games. We have supplemented traditional genre elements with unconventional strategic ones," said Dmitri Karasev, founder and CEO, Bytex.

The game can be played from the AppStore absolutely free.

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