Nival Adds Advanced AI, Boris, to Blitzkrieg 3

Engineers at Nival created the world’s first Neural Network AI for the real-time strategy games. This challenging task was chased by a large number of leading companies, including the DeepMind, IBM, etc. AI, named Boris, is capable of playing at the top player’s level while not using any hidden information about the enemy. Every few seconds Boris analyzes the gaming session and makes neural network-based predictions of the enemy future behavior. This approach allows him to think up sophisticated counter-strategies and bring them to life. A Neural Network machine named Boris plays at the top player’s level while not using … Continue reading Nival Adds Advanced AI, Boris, to Blitzkrieg 3

Beserk Evolution Now Available For iPhone

Nival and Bytex have announced the launch of a new strategy card game, Berserk: Evolution for iPhone. Berserk: Evolution is a mobile strategy collectible card game where you take on the role of a warrior-mage, assembling an army of unique creatures, managing your own flying island and using this army to expand your territory – taking it from other players. Cards are taken from five elements of the natural world. Each element pairs well with one other element but can be countered by a third one. Therefore, when assembling an army, you must consider not only the power of your … Continue reading Beserk Evolution Now Available For iPhone

Prime World Enters Full Open Beta

After many open beta weekends, the wait is finally over. The award-winning Prime World just entered its full 24/7 Open Beta. Download the game at Prime World is a competitive RPG that merges fast-paced MOBA-style battles with long-term persistent MMO hero development and strategy castle building. The game boldly steps beyond the classic three-lane map of modern MOBAs ‘ there are currently eight game modes: from fast and fierce PVP to cooperative PVE and even PVPVE if seven other modes weren’t enough. "We at Nival never tried to fit Prime World into one genre and always strived to create … Continue reading Prime World Enters Full Open Beta

Nival Releases Primeworld E-book

Nival has announced that the first book in the Prime World series is now available at iBooks and the Kindle store. Written by Vadim Panov, the best-selling author of the "Secret Town" fantasy series, "Primachine" tells the story of Invariat and his brilliant new invention ‘ a machine that can resurrect fallen heroes. A world once torn apart by magic will find its uneasy peace shattered again. Primachine is based on Nival’s award-winning role-playing strategy game Prime World, named Best Strategy Game of E3 2011 by and Game of the Year 2012 by three major Russian publications, including Igromania. … Continue reading Nival Releases Primeworld E-book

Prime World Becomes Open Beta

After several limited behind-closed-doors beta events, Prime World is ready for a grander entrance to a wider world. Starting this Friday, anyone can join the battle and try an award-winning competitive RPG for him or herself. The first Open Beta weekend has arrived! This weekend Nival will open seven modes of Prime World, including the PvE and single-player "Challenges" that were unveiled at E3 last week. The Beta Weekend will start at June 21, 11AM PST (2PM EST) and last until June 24, 1AM PST (4AM EST). No invitation is necessary and no progress will be wiped once the beta … Continue reading Prime World Becomes Open Beta

Nival Opens Fourth European Development Studio

Nival announces the creation and opening of Nival Red, its fourth development studio in Europe. The studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine, will develop games for the growing market of gamers playing on Android and iOS-enabled mobile and tablet devices. This addition helps Nival widen its reach as a leading developer and publisher of cross-platform, social strategy games. Nival Red continues Nival’s expansion across the globe, following the May launch of its Los Angeles office. Games-industry veteran Artem Mironovskiy was appointed Head of Studio for Nival Red. "Nival strives to create the best and most innovative projects and the new studio, … Continue reading Nival Opens Fourth European Development Studio