Battleship Chess Game Ships

Ape Zone Games,, announced today that Battleship Chess, has received a massive overhaul and the new version is ready for download from their website.

Battleship Chess is a naval strategy game where you command a fleet of ships on a virtual board and must strategically move your ships to keep the enemy in sight and in range of your guns. Win by causing more damage, achieving level objectives, or sinking all enemy ships. The new version adds new strategic elements by allowing you to fire multiple ships per round, provided they are touching the ship that just moved. This new change allows you to create and move fleets of ships around for added efficiency. Also ship selection has radically changed for incredible flexibility. You now select the power-ups ships get, who is captaining them, and how many/what type you will bring to battle. Do you create a fleet of weak ships with a few powerful flagships or do you create an even fleet of medium power ships? The decision can only be made after you have gained enough rank to make use of this new feature to ease new players into the system.

Each board is laid out in full 3D. The boards are randomly generated, meaning you will probably never see the same map twice. Version 2.0 also adds permanent ship upgrades along with the temporary upgrades that are also randomly placed around the map. There are three skill levels, five time periods, and four nations that are battling for supremacy at sea, meaning endless fun for any game enthusiast. Take your navy from Armored Cruisers to Destroyers and Submarines, gain promotions and access to new features, and compete online against players all over the world with the multiplayer mode!

The Battleship Chess demo is available at and provides users with 60 minutes of free, unrestricted, play. With online monthly competitions and a 30 day money back guarantee Battleship Chess gives users a no risk solution to buying games. Still have doubts? Play the Movie Trailer at

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