Banking Methods for Canadian Gamblers in online Casinos

If you have never tried an online casino, you may not know how to choose one. After all, it is quite different than walking the Strip in Las Vegas and deciding to open the door of one the establishments lining the street. Thankfully, there are platforms where you can go that will inform you on the quality, security and the various characteristics of the best online casinos. But before you do so, let’s look at the banking methods available.

What to Know Before Transferring Money into an Online Casino Account

The reason why you decide to try your hand in an online casino is to entertain yourself while trying to gain money on your wagers. Therefore, it can easily be argued that the most important element related to an online casino is the availability of various banking methods. You can find a list of good banking methods for online casinos on Let’s go through them, so that you can have an idea of what to expect when you enter a Canadian online casino.

But before you start transferring money to an account in any online casino, make sure that it is considered a safe gambling place with a high level of security. To confirm this, look for one that features SSL encrypted technologies and asks for proof of ID when you create an account or request to withdraw funds.

What banking Methods Should be Available in an Online Casino in Canada


The most usual way to deposit money into an online casino account is by using a credit card. Whether it is one of the best knowns (Visa or Master Card), Amex or others, it is rare that an online casino does not accept this type of deposit. It is a convenient and rapid way to transfer money and to start playing right away.


This method of payment has been the most popular on the internet for years now. Again, it is quite rare that online casinos refuse a deposit through this method.


Although not all sites will accept this type of deposit, most will. You can usually do it through your mobile phone, if you use a bank app. It may not be as quick as a credit card but it is one of the most popular banking methods after them.


There are a variety of e-wallets on the market right now and they are most interesting as they are usually a rapid way of transferring money. Some examples of e-wallets are Neteller and Skrill, but there are many more which are usually accepted in most online casinos.

Other methods include e-checks, regular checks and vouchers.

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