Attention: Full Metal Sergeant Gets Steam Release Date

Full Metal Sergeant, the management game in which you play as a drill instructor in a military boot camp is scheduled to launch by April 3rd, 2023, for Steam on PC.

The game is by CarloC Games, who also made Until the Last Plane, which GiN reviewed.

In Full Metal Sergeant, you have 12 weeks to turn recruits into soldiers. This is the main goal. In these few weeks you will have to train the perfect soldiers.

Choose the Right Training

Develop your training schedule. If the recruits’ stamina runs out or if their stress becomes too much, they may fail their training… or worse. More effective advanced training can be unlocked by expending Prestige Points.

Level Up Your Recruits

Improve your soldiers and earn more Prestige Points when they graduate. Qualify them as riflemen, divers, snipers, or paratroopers.

Compete Against Other Camps

Do you have the right recruit to win a 100 meter sprint? Or to challenge a naval academy in a swimming compeition? What about the marksmanship challenge?

Enemy Spotted

Check your men’s skill during missions. Make choices based on the encounters you find. Have you based your training program on agility and close-combat, or is it better to use a stealthy approach? You get to decide.

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