Artix's AdventureQuest MMO Attracts 32,000

Over 32,000 online gamers participated in Artix Entertainment's MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds' "Un-Live Event" held on Friday the 13th.

The company's first ever live event starred musical guest Voltaire, who Artix CEO Adam Bohn describes as a "gypsy pirate Goth musician." Voltaire is best known for songs including "Brains" and "Land of the Dead" in the Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

The "un-live" event, so described because of the cast of "un-live" pirate characters, was a five-act adventure with all new art, voice acting, music, cut-scenes, boss monsters, tons of new items for both upgraded and free players, and the introduction of AdventureQuest Worlds' first war meter.

"The response was so overwhelming that we have decided to continue running the event for one more week," said Bohn. "Visit and watch in ‘re-run' mode."

AdventureQuest Worlds, which launched in mid-October, has captured the interest of over five million players so far, and they are opening their free accounts at the rate of 200,000 per week.

Artix, a small, Florida-based family-owned studio that offers three other RPG titles AdventureQuest, MechQuest, and DragonFable, has enjoyed a high success rate in the past five years with over 75 million accounts created for their games. Players can visit,, and to sign up for an account and play online for free. No downloads are required.

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