Arctic Explorer Game Inua To Launch on Steam, Mobile and Switch

Iko and The Pixel Hunt, co-producers, and ARTE France, co-producer and publisher, are proud to announce that their video game inspired by the mythology of the Great North, Inua: A story in Ice and Time will be available on February 10th for Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. The game is already available for pre-order.

Inua tells the story of Taïna, Peter and Simon, 3 characters wandering the frozen lands of the great Canadian north at different times. Separated by more than a century, their destinies are nevertheless deeply linked to each other, and to that of Nanurluk, the Giant Polar Bear who lived 10,000 years ago. One day, driven by ambition, 3 humans hunted and killed her, disrupting the harmony and balance of the world.

In this narrative point and click adventure game, the player will be able to navigate from scene to scene and from era to era in order to instill ideas into the minds of the characters, and help them overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, changing the course of history.

Inua’s script is based on a very real story, that of the Franklin expedition, a 19th century British mission to explore the Arctic that mysteriously disappeared.

Inspired by Inuit culture and spirituality, Inua’s story follows the fate of this lost expedition and explores the relationship that Inuit communities have with this event.

“In order to ensure maximum authenticity of the story and to respect the people whose culture we are portraying, we brought in Inuit advisors and an Inuit writer,” explains Igal Kohen, Inua’s executive producer.

Inua: a story in ice and time will be available February 10th 2022 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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