Arcade Spirits Heads to PAX East With New Trailer

PQube and developer Fiction Factory Games announce their presence at PAX East and the Indie MEGABOOTH with a new trailer for Arcade Spirits! The predominantly positive feedback from both players and press is a heartwarming confirmation, that there is a demand for games with an inclusive nature. If you would like to visit the developers at PAX East, you can find them all event at booth number 11010 and on Saturday and Sunday at Minibooth number 18070!

“Since the beginning of the project, it was always important to us to not rub the inclusive aspect into people’s faces” says Stefan Gagne, Director at Fiction Factory Games. “Although we were confident that the many different types of gamers that picked up Arcade Spirits would just get it, it is still great to see all the love and positivity that comes our way right now!”


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