An Early Look at the Must Play Games of 2024

It is easy to feel spoiled for choice these days when it comes to choosing a game to play and staying with the game through to completion. It seems to be the case that at least one ‘ground-breaking’ game is being released every month, so it requires some self-discipline just to stick with playing one of them. In addition, there are now plenty of AAA video games which are tailored to online gameplay, which means there is no clear finish line to complete the game.

I often feel guilty if I put a game down in order to binge another one. Case in point, I had spent several months playing Baldur’s Gate 3, which effectively blocked me from playing anything else. Although I am now finally getting back into Baldur’s Gate 3, just in time for the promised DLC to come out, taking on such an epic title means having to block off precious gaming time away from others, especially those with really powerful stories, which tend to take much longer to play and enjoy.

Story Mode Games in 2024

Therefore, due to the ever-increasing number of online only multiplayer type games, the Game Industry team thought we would take a look at the games you can play in 2024 which offer a unique story mode. These games offer the opportunity to complete the game without having to spend any more money on loot boxes etc, so that you can enjoy them thoroughly in the way video games were meant to be played. Some of these games have already been released and some will be released later this year.

Grand Theft Auto VI

It’s been years since Rockstar Games released a Grand Theft Auto game. Although we have been treated to quite a few amazing DLCs for Grand Theft Auto Online, having a full-fledged new story mode game, especially one set in a brand new city (Miami or Vice City as the game calls it) with new characters and even a female lead, is something to get excited about.

Rockstar says that we will (hopefully) see GTA IV later this year, maybe around December. Details about what we can expect will drop here and there before then, but suffice it to say, we are pretty sure that there will be an amazing story filled with action, adventure and (apparently) alligators.

We probably won’t know much more until the game actually comes out, but at least we can watch and rewatch the trailer for now while we wait.

Pacific Drive

Almost nothing could be more different from GTA than Pacific Drive, an excellent title we reviewed that also involves vehicles. But unlike the run and gun mayhem of the GTA series, Pacific Drive is all about a lone wanderer and their faithful 1947 station wagon carefully exploring a so-called exclusion zone set up by the government to contain dangerous anomalies in the Pacific Northwest.

Unlike most horror survival titles where players are exploring a dangerous and abandoned landscape filled with anomalies and other dangers, there is no real combat in Pacific Drive, and certainly no first person shooting. You can find ways to interact with different anomalies, like tossing something heavy into a mannequin-like traveler to make them explode (and occasionally drop a valuable resource), but you won’t be mowing down zombies, firing rockets at bosses, counting bullets or anything like that.

Yes, the zone is dangerous, but many of the dangers are environmental in nature like lightning storms or dense radiation clouds. For the others, your car can provide some protection and perhaps a fast getaway when needed.

The car and the story really become the stars of the game in Pacific Drive, and it’s definitely worth turning the key on this one.

Shinkansen 0

Transportation seems popular in 2024, and Shinkansen 0, proves that point. Designed by legendary Japanese developer Chilla’s Art, Shinkansen 0 takes players onto a haunted Bullet Train wandering ghostly rails on the way to Tokyo.

Players are tasked with trying to spot deadly anomalies hiding within the seemingly normal train cars as they interact with some fellow travelers and try to slowly make their way up to the engine to find out what the heck is going on in this creepy world.

In addition to just spotting anomalies, Shinkansen 0 actually also has a plot which unfolds slowly as you play. And not to spoil anything, but the plot is really good, and there’s two possible endings, plus a lot of deaths that will reset your progress. This is one train that you need to get a ticket to ride, which is thankfully inexpensive on Steam.

Online Games in 2024

Of course, there are plenty of gamers who love the online multiplayer element of gaming. It both allows them to play competitively as well as interact and socialize with their friends and fellow gamers. Due to this, we thought we would list our must-play online games which you can play in 2024.

Goblins Cave

Themed around the devious Goblins, Goblins Cave is an online slot machine which is widely regarded as one of the best value slots available to be played. Developed by PlayTech and released in 2021, Goblins Cave offers a unique theme as well as 24/7 gameplay. However, the main reason why Goblins Cave is one of the most popular online games is due to its record-breaking high return to player (RTP) of 99.32%. RTP is the theoretical amount which is returned to the player across a long period of time. For example, if a game has an RTP of 96%, it means that for every £100 put into the machine, it will return £96. All online slots have an RTP.

Goblin’s Cave is the number one must play slot game with the highest RTP in 2024. Online slots, in general, have received a boost in popularity in recent years due to how widely available they are and the incredible technology which they utilize. We hope to see more slots with great themes in the future.

Madden NFL 24

The Madden franchise has taken a lot of flak over the years, but the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) part of the game continues to keep players playing year after year. Ultimate Team allows players to construct their own dream team of players from the past and present and even the future of the NFL. There is new content released on a daily basis and many players enjoy the grind of spending several hours a day improving their favorite teams.

The criticism of MUT comes because any who player wants to quickly improve their team and get better players can do so by spending real money. This creates a pay-to-win format which is unfortunately how many games are in 2024.

Even so, the game earned pretty high marks in its review. If you love football, then this is not one that you want to miss. You can have a great time with it, even if you don’t want to dive too deeply into the MUT mode. And you can help your favorite team become champions. Who would not love that?

Story Mode or Online Games in 2024?

Which will you choose? Which do you prefer? If you need some inspiration, you can always check out our article discussing the top games of the past, present and the future. Story mode games are much more laidback, and you can play them in your own time whilst online games are much more likely to bring out a competitive edge. Both are great to get the mind off the stresses of everyday life too.

Certainly, both types are here to stay, and we are positive that gaming in 2024 will bring joy to millions around the world.

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