Slitherine’s The Geek Recipe Celebrity Cooking Series Goes Italian for Second Episode

Slitherine has launched the second episode of their popular cooking show, The Geek Recipe, inviting Ubisoft Milan’s Creative Director Davide Soliani (Mario + Rabbids series) to get busy in the kitchen. Slitherine’s own Chief Marketing Officer and chef extraordinaire, Marco Minoli, will prepare for his guest, and us viewers, a typical Roman main course – saltimbocca alla romana. Feeling hungry already? Watch the second The Geek Recipe episode now.

Congratulations are in order! As the creator of the original Mario + Rabbids, Davide Soliani has recently won Best Sim/Strategy at the Game Awards 2022 with Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. What a great way to finish the year! In The Geek Recipe, Davide not only samples Italian cuisine and wine but also talks about his recent success and how Mario + Rabbids franchise got its start in the first place.

In the second episode of The Geek Recipe, Marco and Davide go all out Italian, as the two homegrown Milanese will cook a Roman recipe and sample a Sicilian wine together. The pair will show a multidisciplinary talent suitable for both the game industry and the kitchen. Another batch of tastiness comes from Davide’s insights on how many prototype ideas it took before they settled on the initial pitch for Mario + Rabbids (13!), his industry journey from Rayman and Jungle Book Adventure, the challenges involved creating for original IP licenses, what is considered “fun” in games, and much more.

In The Geek Recipe, Davide talks about the partnership with Nintendo but how one of the initial meetings almost turned into a disaster! “The very first moment I presented Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, in 2014, to Miyamoto-san, I was completely frozen. I was scared; I wanted to run away! What’s more, 30 minutes before the meeting, my laptop began to update itself! Once inside, I got focused, but I was sure it was a no. Instead, Miyamoto-san said he was impressed with my presentation and our prototypes, which we developed in only three weeks!”

The Geek Recipe reaffirms that the way to a gamer’s heart is through the stomach, regardless of background or skill level. Each new episode on Slitherine’s Youtube channel invites a renowned game developer, writer, creator, or director, with the celebrity guests sharing the secret ingredients of not only what makes great food but also great entertainment.

In the premiere of The Geek Recipe, Creative Director of WolfEye Studios and founder of Arkane Studios Raphael Colantonio was invited to taste some mouth-watering carbonara. He also talked about how he got his start in the video games industry and told some juicy stories about the development of Arx Fatalis and Dishonored.

Hosted by renowned strategy publisher Slitherine, The Geek Recipe will release a new episode every month.

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