All The Essentials A Gamer Needs In Their Room

Back in the day you only had to have a console or a PC and you were good to go, but thankfully things have progressed since then! A lot of things changed for the better when it comes to the gaming world. Nowadays people dedicate entire rooms only for the purpose of gaming in them, and with that came a wave of new products and items to accommodate those needs.

Here are some essential things every gamer should have in their home!

Where to start?

When you first decide that you are making your spare room into a gaming room, you need to consider the space you are working with and make the best out of it. Firstly, you’ll need to measure your room! This way you’ll know exactly what you can put in the room and where to place them – finding the perfect spot for the essential things like a desk is a big deal.

The setup can make or break the whole experience, so when choosing the right spot remember to put the desk away from the windows or have them covered with good curtains to mute any kind of natural light source!

A good chair 

Back pain due to sitting uncomfortably while playing your favorite video game for hours is long gone, thanks to the creation of a special chair! The gaming chair is made solely to make people feel cozy and comfy while they sit and play for hours on end!

Experts at Chairsfx state how something as simple as a chair can make a big difference in making you feel comfortable while playing a game, check out their website to read more about it. The good thing about these chairs is that you can find any shape and any design or color you desire, so you won’t struggle to incorporate this item in your space!

Gaming desk

Having enough space to put your monitor (or two) and your glowing keyboard is pretty important if you want to play comfortably. Any old big desk may work, but in this case, you might want to consider getting something that’s made strictly for gaming purposes.

If you are sitting down and playing a session for a long time, chances are you’ll get thirsty, and having your drink right next to your mouse and keyboard is not the best idea. Thankfully a lot of gaming desks are designed with a special compartment where you can put your drink of choice and avoid any possibilities of spilling it on your expensive gear.

Cable organizer

When you place your desired desk and put on your gear, you need to do a little tidying up! This means concealing any visible cables that are running around under your desk. It just looks disorganized and messy, and above all unpractical.

You might trip and fall or bring down your entire setup if you make the wrong move. So your best friend in this scenario is a good cable organizer to deal with that mess!

Additional storage space

You wanna keep your room simplistic, meaning any additional storage to put your little thing is very much needed! Any kind of cupboard or shelving system is a must in order to keep your room looking clean and fresh.

Having lots of stuff around and clutter will only distract you, so try to avoid having any unnecessary stuff on your desk. Also putting your games on a shelf next to the desk will add just the right amount of accessory that a room needs – it’s pretty practical and cool to have all your games on display!


To make the room feel just right, you’ll need to add some cool lights to it! These colorful LED  lights don’t just look nice, they also bring a certain mood to the room as well. 

his is extremely popular amongst gamers, and for a good reason – it’s easy and brings the room to a whole new level. From fiery red to bright violet, there’s every shade you can imagine!

Finishing touches

Now that you have all the essentials out the way, you can put on some finishing touches to your room! This step is optional, as some people like their rooms to look minimalistic, so if you are one of those people feel free to skip this step – add posters or video game merch to complete the look!

This is the perfect way to fill up the space a little bit whilst still keeping it simple and practical, and it’s totally on-brand with the room aesthetic you are creating! Find cool figurines or small details from your favorite game and you are finished!

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