Albion Online MMO Making Final Founder Packs Offer

Two weeks from today on July 17, Sandbox Interactive’s fantasy MMORPG ‘Albion Online’ will officially launch on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android giving users the chance to kick off their journeys in earnest. In preparation for this launch, the game’s servers will go offline on July 9 at 21:00 UTC as part of a server-wide wipe to level the playing field, returning on July 17. Want to get in before the reset and reap the benefits of being an Albion Founder? There’s still time!

With launch day imminent, gamers have one last chance to get in on the ground floor and help shape the epic journey ahead of them. July 9th marks the last day users will be able to secure Founder status by purchasing one of three Founder Packs, as they join the ranks of over 250,000 other Founders. Players who dive into Albion early with a Founder Pack will receive a wealth of special in-game items including: the speedy, armored Explorer’s Horse, an exclusive house modelled after a sunken ship, and a hefty in-game wallet to get everything started. Not only that, but every Founder will receive an extra 10% Gold on release as a celebration of the dedicated community that has played an integral role in the growth of this sandbox. Since Albion is shaped entirely by the actions of its community, these rewards will ensure would-be explorers kick off their journey in style.

Whether it’s the vast, open fantasy world, player-driven economy, the freedom to play – and switch up – one’s dream role easily, or the wealth of PvE and PvP options always at hand, Albion Online offers up an MMO experience that fits the wants and needs of its players.


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