Starsector Moves Closer To Full Release


A new update to Starsector, from Fractal Softworks, has been pushed out to improve on the game’s already stellar mechanics, skills, and campaign narrative. Modern art and effects, co-mingle with old school aesthetics, to create a one-two punch of universal proportions!

What, do you ask, is Starsector? Take a slice of Star Control, mix it with a pinch of Master of Orion 2, add a dash of MechWarrior and stir it all up in Fractal Softworks’ special development pot, and you get a high-flying, laser-blasting, tactical-jaunt through the galaxy!

Starsector is a game of sci-fi warfare, management, and role-playing as you command a fleet of starships in tactical battle. Explore, trade, engage in epic space combat, and level up your ship in this open-ended sandbox game set in a lost sector of the galaxy. Find adventure, glory (or infamy), and profit (or ruin) among the far-flung frontier. While no date has been announced for launch, access to the game is available by pre-ordering Starsector, which will players access to all builds going forward to release.

Check out a quickstart guide here:


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