9Dragons MMO Returns

9Dragons, GamersFirst’ (www.gamersfirst.com) hit martial arts MMORPG, resumed full live service today. English language operation of the game will now continue under GamersFirst, who has been in high-gear to resume game services following the abandonment of the community this past summer by its previous publisher.

Players can now download and play 9Dragons at www.GamersFirst.com/9Dragons.

New players and veterans alike can take advantage of the new Level Up event that was officially Launched today until November 21st. During this event you can score some Exp cards, Blood Essences, Panacea, Courier Passes and more!

"We’re thrilled to have 9Dragons ready to play," said Joseph Willmon, Producer at GamersFirst. "Change is never easy, but the 9Dragons community has been outstanding throughout this whole process. Both Indy21 and GamersFirst appreciate all the patience and support they’ve shown despite the recent frustrations. We intend to give 9Dragons the attention it deserves."

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