8 Reasons Movies and TV Series About Casinos Are So Popular

“Ocean’s Eleven”, “Casino”, “Casino Royale”, “Molly’s Game” — these are just a few examples of brilliant movies about gambling. Films and series on this topic often become a massive success and go down in history. Movies show many different aspects of gambling: from the specifics of using casino deposit bonuses to the impact of an unexpected jackpot on a person’s life. Read this article to find out why people will never get bored of watching video content about casinos!

The World of Gambling Is Full of Vivid Emotions

People cry when they lose large sums and jump with joy when they hit a big win. They can go from rags to riches (or in the opposite direction) in just a few minutes. Movies and series about gambling are always adrenaline-fueled and ideal for binge-watching.

People Are Curious to See How Billionaires Live

Casino owners are usually very rich. They live in large mansions, drive luxurious cars and marry top models. They wear designer clothes, send their kids to private schools and hire large teams of cleaners, cooks and maids to help them about the house. It’s always interesting to have a peek at the life of privileged people.

There Might Be Drama Behind a Beautiful Facade

Big money doesn’t mean billionaires are happy! Their spouses might be cheating on them. Their kids might have depressions and addictions. Their business partners might be plotting against them. They might have a lot of dirty secrets that plague their lives out. They go to great lengths to get rid of their problems. But sometimes, even their fortunes are not enough to buy happiness…

The Casino Setting Is Ideal for Revealing Vice

At the center of each movie or TV series, there should be at least one vice. It might be greed, treachery, laziness, lustfulness or whatever. Gamblers might need to compromise their conscience. For instance, they might play with someone else’s money without permission. Or, they can indulge in a vice after hitting a big win. Gambling enables movie makers to better accentuate the strong and the weak sides of a protagonist’s character.

Big Money Attracts Crime…

Gangsters might open casinos to start a legal business with the money that they earned illegally. All types of cheaters and fraudsters can come to a casino to celebrate a successful swindle. Prostitutes are attracted to casinos because they can meet well-heeled clients there. While we normally try to avoid such people in real life, it might be curious to watch them on the screen — and they can make the plot highly dynamic!

…And It Attracts Extra Smart People Too!

Some geniuses might find ways of outsmarting casino algorithms. They might act alone or together with their best friends. They might put everything they have at stake to hit the jackpot and use this money to make their dreams come true. That’s a great risk because they’re cheating. But what they do is not identical to robbing a casino. Spectators empathize with protagonists who desperately need money to be able to study, or provide medical services for someone who is dear to them, or save their families from debts and misery.

Plot Twists Can be Very Unpredictable

Anything can happen in the gambling sphere. In most genres, screenwriters face a lot of constraints. But when making a movie about a casino, they can use plot twists that would otherwise seem absurd. Gambling might make people go crazy. They might lose track of time and money. They can make impulsive purchases and take unnecessary risks.

The Gambling Sphere Is Constantly Evolving

In the 20th century, film crews could make movies only about brick-and-mortar casinos. That was a very colorful setting but it had too many limits. Today, filmmakers can turn their eyes to online gambling. People from all walks of life can play in a digital casino on their smartphones during a lunch break. For some of them, that might become a pivotal point in their lives. They might hit a multi-million jackpot, or they might get fired because of gambling, or they might develop an addiction and make a big mistake at their workplace… Casinos begin to integrate VR and AR. This can also give food for thought for filmmakers.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you better understand why people love to watch movies and series about casinos so much. The world of gambling is full of vivid emotions. This industry enables screenwriters to create breathtaking plots with unpredictable twists. People are curious to see how the rich casino owners live and which dramas they might need to withstand. The casino setting is ideal for revealing vice. Big money attracts crime and extra smart people. The gambling sphere is constantly evolving, that’s why it will always keep inspiring filmmakers for new masterpieces.

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