The Difference Between eSports and Sports Betting

There has been an ongoing debate about what the difference is between esports and sports betting. Some people believe that one is more competitive than the other while others believe that one requires more skill and strategy vs the other which is more luck-based. In reality, there is a significant difference between the two and it all comes down to how much you can win. With sports betting, you are generally betting on an outcome of a game or match. The pay-out for this is based on how much money you put in as well as the odds set by the bookmaker. Esports, on the other hand, is all about winning money from your opponents. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the main differences between the two so that you can make an informed decision on which to bet.

The definition of esports and sports betting

Esports is a type of competition that uses video games. This is usually in the form of an organized video game competition that is multiplayer and is mainly between professional players, individuals, or teams. The main idea is that gamers are challenged to play against each other through this gaming medium and in most cases, it involves teams working together to reach a certain goal. Each player uses their own gaming system with a headset for communication during the competition. Getting started with esports, you need to first choose your game and a platform, study, and practice, make sure you have the necessary and upgraded equipment, and then join a team. You should always start by testing a few games that you think you’d be good at.

Sports betting on the other hand is an activity that involves predicting the sports results of different sports and placing a wager on the outcome. Sports betting can also extend outside of sports and be used to bet on things such as reality show competitions, political elections, etc. All you need to do to participate is place a bet on a certain sporting event and if the team or player you bet on wins, you walk away with a sum of money and if your team or player loses, you lose that money. You are also not restricted to just one bet, you can place a variety of different bets in many places. However, you need to make sure you place smart bets, and there are many tools and services available online that can help you do that. Handicapping services, for example, can help you predict an outcome. You can use a Kyle Covers spreads handicapper to get started winning big immediately. But first, you need to determine your budget, select a sport to bet on and then join the betting site online or alternatively. There are also physical venues where you can bet.

How esports differs from traditional sports betting

When it comes to esports and sports betting, both industries use advanced technology and you can access in-depth stats for both types of betting. The major differences between the two are that esports is more luck-based whereas sports betting requires strategy and research because the better team/player typically wins most of the time. Another difference is that the win percentage with esports is more random as opposed to sports betting where the win percentages are less random. Additionally, esports has a far more volatile system whereas with sports betting, the ecosystem is less volatile. You will also find that with esports everything is digitalized because games and matches are always played on a computer whereas sports betting is exposed to faulty human interactions. Esports is the new kid on the block and there are different types of bets with each.

How to choose?

Esports and sports betting have a fair share of similarities. If you are someone who wants more of a challenge and to make more strategic bets backed with research and data, you should go for traditional sports betting but if you are someone who perhaps doesn’t have too much sporting knowledge and looking to rely on luck, then esports is the way to go for you since is it mainly luck-based. Esports is also better if you are someone who wants to bet without socializing because, with esports, you don’t have to leave your home whereas sports betting is more than just about money, it is also an opportunity to socialize in an environment that has high energy and excitement.

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