10tacle Grabs Three New Titles

In a contract signed on August 21st 2006 10TACLE STUDIOS AG took over all current and future rights to the games "War Front", "Panzer Tactics" and "Jack Keane" from the GDD Games Development and Distribution GmbH (GDD). The games mentioned were transferred from the CDV Software Entertainment AG (CDV) to the GDD in a contract signed on the 18th of August 2006. According to the agreement all of the rights acquired or to be acquired – especially, brand name, name, copyright and rights of use and exploitation including rights of expectancy – were transferred to the GDD.

After acquiring all of the rights for the three games from the GDD, 10TACLE STUDIOS AG also took over the development contracts with the individual development studios. The real-time strategy game "War Front" and the "Jack Kean" adventure game expand 10T's PC line-up while introducing the strategy game "Panzers Tactics" as their first Nintendo DS title.

We are happy to welcome three experienced development studios – Digital Reality, Deck 13 and Sproing – whose products will form a long-term addition to our portfolio. All three of these games have already enjoyed a very positive media resonance. The gaming community is hotly awaiting the release of the "War Front" multi-player demo." said 10TACLE STUDIOS AG CEO Michele Pes, commenting on the future cooperation.

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