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Growing up, I played a strip poker game on an old IBM PC. The graphics were in brilliant four color splendor, but that did not stop the neighborhood kids from flocking to my house in an attempt to play Betty, Sheila or Kate. In fact, other than the space exploration game Starflight, that old strip poker game was the best thing on the old system. I think my father brought it home from work to tell the truth.

Times change, and the world today is not so innocent. A little four color game just won’t do. When I first heard that Torquemada Games had created a strip poker title, I figured it would be some variation on what I had played before. Little did I know the game would feature live European models and video. Although the game is a lot of fun, certainly the most fun I’ve ever had playing poker, unlike those fun little titles of yesteryear, this one is not suitable for kids.

The game’s developers are from Eastern Europe and as far as I can tell, there are no box copies that you can purchase. The only way to get the game is to go to and download it. This is accomplished in stages. First you have to download the main game, which comes with one model, and then you have to download each of the other opponents you want to play with. Currently there are five girls to challenge.

You have to install the main program and unzip the files with the girls, placing them into the correct directory. Each file is about 200M in size, so don’t expect a quick download. The way to properly install the game is also a little confusing, but should not stump anyone who is mildly computer proficient.

Other than a demo game, you won’t be able to do anything until you pay to use the program. The game is about $20 in US money. Once you give up the cash by providing your credit card, you are able to jump right in and start playing. The verification process is extremely quick and then the game is unlocked.

From that point you simply pick the girl you want to play with and move forward. The girl will introduce herself, sometimes in broken English and sometimes simply with a thick Russian accent. The cards are dealt and you are off to the races.

No review of a strip poker game would be complete without mentioning the girls themselves. In a word – wow. These beauties are young and extremely pretty. If Eastern Europe is filled with women like this, the place must be a paradise on Earth.

The game is not played using static images of the girls either. You see videos of the girls drawing cards and commenting on their hands. Sometimes they will act sexy or blow a flirtatious kiss your way. Normally I got so engrossed in whatever the girl was doing I would lose track of my cards, which was perhaps their strategy. I know that all the videos are pre-recorded, but you could easily be tricked into thinking you were playing a live opponent, perhaps over a high-quality Web camera.

All the girls are not only beautiful, but have fun, bubbly personalities. They make jokes and comment on the game, get excited when they win a hand and pout a bit when they lose (some of them do anyway, a few don’t seem to mind). Anyway you actually get to know the girls a little bit, something I would not have expected going into a game like this.

In addition to playing poker, you can also bribe the girls to take off some clothing without having to win the hand, though you have to have won something previously to have the money to do this. You can also buy them a drink, which in addition to triggering a new video, is supposed to make them play a little bit worse after the wine.

As far as the poker engine itself, it is a bit simplistic. If you are looking for a real poker challenge, you might try a real poker simulation. I am pretty sure that the game gives both you and the models good hands with something in them every time. Playing ten games in a row and never being dealt less than a pair out of the gate pretty much proves this.

The game even helps you play. When it comes time to discard, it will highlight any pair or possible flush you might have. Once in a while it makes an odd choice, like drawing for a straight when you are holding a pair of kings or something like that, but you can always override the suggestion and go your own way.

The girls generally play aggressively, so you can pretty much run the pot up if you think you have a better hand. You will get burned doing this sometimes, but mostly you will win. Just know that both you and the model will probably have some high cards because of the way the game engine works.

Each time the model runs out of money, they will take off an article of clothing. Eventually you will "win" if you get all their clothes, which is normally four or five pieces.

Some people obviously won’t like Video Strip Poker Supreme and will call it dirty or something like that. The game does have naked women in it if you are at least an average card player. But beyond that, there is nothing "dirty" about this game. There is no sex or anything like that. Though I doubt I would bring this title home for my kids to play, there is nothing really wrong with in along those lines. You should probably be 18 years or older to play, but if you are an adult, it should be a lot of fun.


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