Atari Brings the New Atari VCS To E3 2019

Atari one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — today makes several major announcements about its all-new Atari VCS home gaming and entertainment system during the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, where it is holding private preview meetings with press, retailers, and content partners. The Atari VCS Official Online Presale is now underway for U.S. customers, with systems and accessories, including retailer-exclusive editions, available for preorder today on,, and, for deliveries starting in March 2020. Pricing starts at $249.99 for the Atari VCS 400 Onyx (4GB RAM) Base model … Continue reading Atari Brings the New Atari VCS To E3 2019

Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy VII Remake At E3 2019

Square Enix showed off a lot of games at their E3 2019 press event, though the star of the show was clearly the remake of Final Fantasy VII. The game is a reimagining of the iconic original game that re-defined the RPG genre, diving deeper into the world and its characters than ever before. Other items of note included a new game called Outriders, and a global streaming platform for music from all of their games. Publishers: Square Enix Events: E3 Expo 2019

E3 2019: Stronghold Warlords Goes to Ancient Asia

Today Firefly Studios revealed Stronghold: Warlords, the latest historical real-time strategy game in their legendary Stronghold series. Making its way to Windows in 2020, this new entry will allow players to control AI commanders across the battlefield. From the 3rd century BC China through to the coming of the Mongol Empire in 1200 AD, Stronghold: Warlords allows players to relive famous historical battles and sieges against great khans, imperial warlords, and shogun commanders. “We’re adding a touch of grand strategy to Stronghold,” said Simon Bradbury, Lead Designer at Firefly Studios and creator of the Stronghold series. “It’s a deceptively simple … Continue reading E3 2019: Stronghold Warlords Goes to Ancient Asia

E3 2019: Planet Zoo Gets Release Date

Frontier Developments revealed Planet Zoo’s first in-game trailer and announced the game’s launch date today. Many consider Planet Zoo to be the spiritual successor to the classic Zoo Tycoon series. Coming exclusively to PC, Planet Zoo will be available on Steam in Standard and Deluxe Editions on November 5, 2019. Pre-orders are available now. Developers: Frontier Developments Platforms: PC, Steam Events: E3 Expo 2019

E3 2019: Coffee Stain Reveals New Songs of Conquest Adventure

Coffee Stain Publishing, the team behind Satisfactory and Deep Rock Galactic, and Lavapotion today revealed ‘Songs of Conquest,’ a beautiful turn-based adventure strategy game at the PC Gaming Show at E3. The single-player odyssey unfolds across a mystically charged, beautifully rendered pixel art world and sees players raise armies, command powerful magicians and build legendary kingdoms worthy of song. The fantasy adventure is inviting players to register for an upcoming alpha now at Songs of Conquest is a classic adventure strategy game where players will shape the fate of their kingdom. In a land brimming with magic and opportunity, … Continue reading E3 2019: Coffee Stain Reveals New Songs of Conquest Adventure

E3 2019: Remnant: From The Ashes Shows Pending PC Gameplay

As a part of today’s on-stage appearance at the 2019 PC Gaming Show, Gunfire Games President and co-founder David Adams revealed a brand-new trailer that formally introduces the “Root,” the mysterious, corrupting force that pulsates at the core of their upcoming shooter Remnant: From The Ashes. No one knows what the Root is or where it came from, but for the human survivors who remain on a ravaged Earth, one thing is for certain: our world isn’t the last the Root will try conquering. Publisher Perfect World Entertainment has also revealed some exciting new details for people who pre-order Remnant: … Continue reading E3 2019: Remnant: From The Ashes Shows Pending PC Gameplay

E3 2019: Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Gets New Gameplay Trailers

Paradox Interactive has today revealed the first gameplay trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, the highly anticipated RPG developed by Hardsuit Labs set in the World of Darkness. First shown during this morning’s PC Gaming Show, this trailer gives players their first look at the powerful vampire abilities, story elements, and gameplay features they can expect to find in Bloodlines 2. An extended cut that takes an even deeper look at what’s coming in Bloodlines 2 has also been released. For more of the game’s intense action, tough choices, and Seattle locations, check out the trailer below. Vampire: … Continue reading E3 2019: Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Gets New Gameplay Trailers

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