EA Shows off FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 at E3 Expo

EA kicked off E3 2016 with a press conference that focused on Star Wars, FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1, as well as eSports, with a taste of indie gaming from the whimsical Fe. Titanfall 2 was announced with a single-player mode and a slick trailer, as well as an October release date for the shooter from developer Respawn.

Battlefield 1 got a lot of love, including a celebrity-packed livestream of multiplayer for the game which most people said looked pretty cool.

BioWare made an appearance to show us a little bit more of Mass Effect Andromeda, but no big reveals, unfortunately. It’s a similar story for Amy Hennig’s Star Wars project. The woman behind Nathan Drake is working with Visceral to deliver the Star Wars adventure in 2018.

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