Sony Goes All-In with New PlayStation Games at E3 Conference

Sony devoted almost all of its two-hour long E3 Press conference to new PlayStation games, including several long gameplay demos and plenty of surprises. The Last Guardian got a 2016 release date, and PlayStation VR got a price.

Days Gone may have stolen the show. The demo showed a post-apocalypse world filled with fast zombies while the main character is a motorcycle-riding bounty hunter. Speaking of motorcycles, Norman Reedus is getting a new game called Death Standing created by Hideo Kojima that looks nothing like Days Gone. Detroit Become Human also got a shiny new demo, and will have VR support.

Surprises including a new God of War, and this time, he has a son. The demo looked a bit like Far Cry Primal, but with the God of War. And finally, The Last Guardian got an October 25, 2016 release date.

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