Crackdown 3’s Release Date Cracks


Once again when I think I don’t have anything to write about, by the time my deadline gets here something huge falls in my lap. I originally thought I would write about how I am gushing over the greatness that is Agents of Mayhem. I will mention this right now (and I am sure I can hear my editor asking for a full review of it, or to record some gameplay to post on our YouTube page,) I am absolutely in LOVE with this game.

If you all remember I am a huge fan of Saints Row, especially the fourth game because of how insane it was. My initial Saints Row IV review didn’t completely explain why I loved the game so much, and even the Alan Menken style musical number used in Gat Out of Hell didn’t turn me away from finishing the game. Being a spin off to SR4, Agents of Mayhem’s storyline might not be as out there (mostly because it actually takes place on Earth instead of space,) but it is as hilarious as ever and having a strange GI Joe feel to it. I’m only about 5 hours into the game but I know I will be playing it a long time.

I’m sure I will continue to play it up to the launch of the Xbox One X, as an enhanced version. But it’s not only Agents of Mayhem that I’m looking forward to playing with enhancements, there are nearly 20 games currently in my library that will be X1X enhanced. That’s not including the additional games that I will picking up later this year, such as Shadow of War and Forza Motorsport 7. I also have Crackdown 3 on my lineup but news released today saying that Crackdown 3 has been pushed back to 2018 have caused everyone to start panicking.

All of a sudden, I am hearing about how the Xbox One X is not going to launch with any games worth playing. They act like one game is going to destroy the console’s launch. I even hear the same old story about how they will now get a PS4 Pro as a result. As a former PS4 Pro owner I have to laugh at these replies.

In fact, for all of those who want to promote doom and gloom just because of a simple delay, all I have to say is…


Yes, delays are bad. Believe me I have made many complaints about delays before. But what’s the other option? Have a game that comes out incomplete and be subjected to about the same level of vitriol? Maybe even more than that? I’m talking to fellow Xbox games out there in particular. Do you really want Crackdown 3 to end up like your own version of No Man’s Sky? Do you want it to be severely limited the same way Street Fighter V was? Or would you rather have it pushed back and made better?

Look, I sympathize with you about the delay. Though Crackdown 3 is not on the top of my most wanted list, I still want to play it, and I would even be fine if it came out as an Xbox Game Preview title, but it’s better to have it pushed back to be made better rather than incomplete.

And lastly, I want to talk to the “I’m getting a PS4 Pro” bandwagon. Do you want to know how many games I had on my Pro that were actually enhanced? Five! Last of Us Remastered, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, MLB 18 and No Man’s Sky (during my second attempt.) Even on the Pro some of the enhancements were not up to snuff. Yes, playing No Man’s Sky at 60fps at 1080p was nice, but explain to me how cut scenes in an annual BASEBALL game have such terrible frame rates in 4K. It was a joke, and I ended up having to play in 1080p as a result. This was not what I expected when I want a console that takes advantage of my new 4K television.

But seriously people. Crackdown 3 was not cancelled, it was just delayed. If it was cancelled I would understand being upset, but it is still coming out. There are also a lot of games, new and old, coming out that will truly show off the capabilities of the Xbox One X. Just have some patience.

Besides, we have Gamescom this weekend.

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