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Welcome Time Wasters!

This week my time wasting brought me to a small browser game by the name of Death By Ninja. There’s also an Android version of this game, but I didn’t play that and won’t be weighing in on it.

Death By Ninja is an incredibly simple game, but it can also be incredibly addicting. The whole idea behind the game is that you play as a ninja that is being put to death by his clan. The clan plans to do this by sending hordes of other ninja to take your life.

The story plays out with and endless amount of ninja attacking the player. There really is no end to the ninja that show up. Instead of beating Death By Ninja, players are given the goal of achieving the highest score that they can.

Death By Ninja
My body is ready!

The controls in Death By Ninja are easy to get the hang out. The WASD keys act as the player’s attack with each one being for a certain direction. That’s it. There’s no movement in the game. Instead, players just stand in the center of a room and fend off enemy attacks.

Enemy ninja show up to attack the player in different colors. Blue ninja throw shuriken, red ninja always come in for physical attacks and green ninja are a faster version of red ninja. There might be more colors the further in the player makes it in the game, but I can’t be sure about that since I haven’t seen them.

Keeping track of all the different ninja on screen can be a challenge. The projectiles also add more difficulty to the game. This also includes arrows, which will come at the player from off screen. Arrows can go through multiple enemies when hit back, but shuriken only hit one enemy.

There’s also a special attack on the Space Bar that has the ninja throwing kunai in multiple directions. I think it only appears after a high kill streak, but I’m not entirely sure. The game doesn’t even mention it in its controls or features.

Death By Ninja
Stop standing there and put me out!

The graphics in Death By Ninja are simple, but clear. Shuriken and arrows stick out from the background and it helps with tracking them. The same is true for enemies, as well. The game also treats players to a fountain of pixel blood any time a death occurs, which adds some extra visual flair to the experience.

The audio in Death By Ninja is weird. The game features some standard battle music, death screams and other sound effects. However, it also has a narrator. This guy just kinda comes in out of nowhere to comment while the person is playing. It adds a little more to the game, and while I didn’t find his commentary overly funny, it wasn’t bad either.

Overall, Death By Ninja is a solid game to waste some time with. It doesn’t do anything that really makes it stand out from other endless wave games, but it does what it does well. Check it out if it seems like your style of game.

Death By Ninja earns 3 GiN Gems out of 5!

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