Team Vitality On The Rise Again After IEM Rio Success

Team Vitality is on the rise again and they reminded everyone just how good they are with a stunning performance at the IEM Rio.

In a pulsating Grand Final match against Heroic, Team Vitality were decisive during the big plays and recorded a 2-0 victory — achieving scores of 16-13 on Vertigo and 16-12 on Inferno.

Team Vitality were the dominant force throughout the competition, and one of their highlights was during the Lower Bracket semifinals where they took out the much-vaunted FaZe Clan.

And in defeating Heroic, it wasn’t just the $100,000 cheque they took home that would have made a difference to Team Vitality.

No, their Grand Final triumph also ensured they punched their ticket to the IEM Cologne which gets underway in July, and that will be fiercely contested as always.

Discussing the IEM Rio success, Team Vitality captain Dan “Apex” Madesclaire said: “What we need to remember is last time we won the last tournament before a Major, and we f***** up.

“I think the biggest improvement we had was our map pool. I think right now it is getting really good.

“We worked a lot on our weakest map, and I think this shows it.”

Team Vitality’s rise has been no fluke, but it is a seminal moment in terms of the wider context of CS:GO, and how it is viewed. CS:GO has become a go-to option for fans to stream via various platforms, such as Twitter, and events such as the IEM Rio are helping to give it more exposure.

And from a betting perspective, it has soared in popularity over the past few years, with many sportsbooks willing to tap into its potential. This is clearly the case Down Under where some of the best bonus bets Australia sites, such as Unibet, will be swarmed with a wealth of pre-match odds and other juicy CS:GO offers for players to sink their teeth into.

Before Cologne, there is a certain Blast.TV major in Paris, and the Gamers 8 where $1 million in prize money has been pumped in, which will only add to the allure.

In the past, we have been accustomed to seeing Team Vitality falling flat in the following tournament after a big high. And as far as CS:Go fans are concerned, they will be hoping they can buck this unfortunate pattern.

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