CS:GO Joins The Gamers8 Esports Lineup With A One Million Dollar Tournament

Gamers8 has been trying to become the biggest eSports gaming festival for some time now, and their addition of a $1 million CS:GO tournament is sure to help. 

Gamers8 Adds Another Large Purse to Their Festival

The Saudi Arabian gaming festival added the tournament to their lineup, which takes place over the course of eight weeks in Riyadh from July 6th till the end of August. The CS:GO tournament itself will occur between August 14th and August 20th. 

There is no doubt that the best CSGO gambling sites will be covering this tournament. So, if you’re a player that likes to make bets, keep an eye out this summer for these matches as they pop up on different sites. 

A Brief Overview of Gamers8

Gamers8 prides itself on being “the destination for the world’s elite eSports champions to compete in the world’s largest professional eSports prize pool.” The festival not only includes gaming tournaments with large prize pools but also live concerts, developer insights, and various panels from professionals in the gaming industry. 

It may be hard to make it to Riyadh to attend the festival in person, but undoubtedly parts of the festival will also be live-streamed and available online for viewers around the world. It’s already a confirmed fact that you’ll be able to watch the CS:GO tournament from the comfort of your own home, but if you’re interested in attending, you’ll have to sign-up on their site for more information once tickets become available.

Largest eSports Prize Pool in History

While most players were blown away by Dota 2’s 2021 International prize pool of $40 million, Gamers8 announced this year they will hold the title of the biggest eSports prize pool at $45 million in total prizes. 

It’s debatable if this can be considered the “single” biggest prize pool since the $45 million will be split among different tournaments. Still, it is definitely the biggest prize pool for any sort of eSports festival in history. Overall, this prize pool is three times bigger than last year’s Gamers8 prize pool of $15 million.

While they haven’t announced exactly what games will be played besides CS:GO and Dota 2, you can expect to see similar titles that were at their festival last year. These include Fortnite, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, and more.

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