ASUS Renews Support for Middle and High School Esports Leagues

ASUS is proud to extend its partnership with Generation Esports as the exclusive PC and monitor sponsor for the HSEL (High School Esports League) and inaugural MSEL (Middle School Esports League for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. It marks the beginning of the second year in which ASUS and Generation Esports will support students across the nation with the gear they need to learn, work and game anywhere.

“We are excited to renew our partnership with Generation Esports on HSEL and MSEL and ensure that students will continue to have the tools they need to develop their success within the esports space” said Kelvin Jeon, Strategic Brand Manager of ASUS. “ASUS is committed to the academic and professional development of students pursuing esports, gaming, and STEAM-related careers.”

“ASUS has been an incredible partner for Generation Esports over this past year, providing our thousands of schools with the equipment necessary to get their programs running efficiently, so we’re thrilled to have their support again,” said Nehemiah Odior, Director of Partnerships at Generation Esports. “Working with a brand like ASUS, that shares our vision for what esports can bring to communities across the country, makes the work we do that much easier because we know our schools will get the hardware they need to maintain their esports programs through the school year.”

Adopting Excellence Esports Curriculum Program

The partnership will provide eight schools within the HSEL and MSEL network an opportunity to participate in the “Adopting Excellence” program – a brand-new esports and STEAM workshop that will run for four months long, two times a month. During those four months, students from the selected eight schools will learn from industry professionals about the following verticals: College planning, financial aid and financial literacy, game development and design, broadcasting and post-production, and the Keys to Success in Gaming and Esports.

MSEL Technology Partnership

Additionally, ASUS will also serve as the exclusive PC and monitor partner for the inaugural year of the MSEL (Middle School Esports League). Through this partnership, ASUS is expected to provide direct access to various technology solutions for over 600 middle schools across North America.

Continuing Support for HSEL

ASUS is working closely with Generation Esports to foster inclusivity among young gamers and within the High School Esports League by focusing on providing a positive and welcoming online space for all students who share a passion for esports and gaming. As an expansion to last year’s partnership, ASUS will be supporting 5,000 HSEL-partnered high schools with four tournament activations, loot/swag drops throughout 2022, and the launch of the “Adopting Excellence” program.

The partnership is set to kick off with HSEL’s seasonal Fall Major student esports tournament later this month. Through this partnership, ASUS and Generation Esports aim to remove longstanding barriers to competitive esports by offering the technology, resources and guidance to implement academically and socially enriching programs at middle schools and high schools across the country.

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