Manhunt is a guilty, guilty pleasure

Rockstar has gone too far! I know I’ve said this many times. After all we are dealing with a developer known for creating games based on carjacking (Grand Theft Auto), illegal street racing (Midnight Club), inciting riots (State of Emergency), and of course gruesome mature noir stories (Max Payne), we should know what to expect. However, never did I think that even Rockstar would be responsible for a game like this. With Manhunt, they have pushed their reputation as being the bad boys of gaming to a whole new low. And yes, I love it! Anyone who has seen the … Continue reading Manhunt is a guilty, guilty pleasure

Kickin’ with GTA3 PC

When Grand Theft Auto 3 was being shown at E3 running on a PC, my interest was peaked a bit. I had played the game on the PlayStation 2 and had a pretty good time. But my lack of console savvy really kept the game from becoming a top favorite for me. So when the game arrived for the PC, I figured I would give it another go. Basically, GTA3 on the PC is essentially the same game as on the PS2, with a few notable exceptions. If you are a PS2 whiz and went all the way through the … Continue reading Kickin’ with GTA3 PC

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