Paradox Interactive Has Released The New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Pack: Domination

Build the great empires of the early modern world in new ways with Europa Universalis IV: Domination. The latest expansion pack for Paradox Interactive’s flagship historical grand strategy game adds a wagon-load of new choices, missions, and historical flavor to a game already bursting with endless possibilities. Centered on the great empires of the early modern world, Europa Universalis IV: Domination offers new mission trees, new government reforms, new estate management, and new events for several of the major powers in the game. These popular starting nations are now given new life and new balance, with greater historical depth, more … Continue reading Paradox Interactive Has Released The New Europa Universalis IV Expansion Pack: Domination

Crusader Kings III Hits Two Million Sales, Heads to Consoles

A year and a half after its release in September 2020, Paradox Interactive’s medieval grand strategy game Crusader Kings III has sold two million units, making it one of the fastest Paradox titles to hit that landmark number. A game of almost endless variety and potential for story-telling, Crusader Kings III launched to critical acclaim and succeeded in reaching a new generation of strategy gamers. Last month’s release of Royal Court, the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III, was also a cause for celebration, as that add-on has already topped one million sales. This expansion added new ways to … Continue reading Crusader Kings III Hits Two Million Sales, Heads to Consoles

Espionage Expansion for Hearts of Iron 4 Comming Soon

The codes have been cracked and your agents are ready to move. The enemy will do their best to uncover your mission, but you’ve been preparing for this day for months. You will expose the collaborators and bring the vengeance of the oppressed to the very doorstep of the occupier. You are La Résistance. And the date of the operation has been set. Paradox Development Studio is ready to announce that La Résistance, the next expansion to Hearts of Iron IV, will be available for all generals and spymasters on February 25, 2020. Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox’s best-selling strategy … Continue reading Espionage Expansion for Hearts of Iron 4 Comming Soon

Imperator: Rome Available Now

Alexander is dead, and his generals now fight over his legacy and empire. To the east, Chandragupta has established dominion over much of India. To the west, the commercial republic of Carthage and martial republic of Rome are on a collision course for control of their half of the Mediterranean. And, far from the cities of coastal empires, fierce tribes of what the Greeks call “barbarians” follow their own paths. Get ready to dive into the epic conquests and geopolitical drama of the classical world in Imperator: Rome, a new grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio available now for … Continue reading Imperator: Rome Available Now

April Set For Imperator: Rome Release

The consuls and eldest citizens, having gathered in the Temple of Saturn to seek the favor of the gods, consulted the college of augurs to determine the most fortunate date to launch the new venture. After making the appropriate sacrifices, the augurs decreed that that the Gods find ante diem octavum Kalendas Aprilis, ad urba condita 2772 to be the luckiest date. For the more barbarian of you, this means that Paradox is announcing that Imperator: Rome will be available on 25 April, 2019. The game may be pre-ordered at the Paradox store and other major online retailers starting at … Continue reading April Set For Imperator: Rome Release

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Expansion Charges Forward

The medieval battle for the soul of Europe takes center stage in Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury, the newest expansion to Paradox Development Studio’s beloved grand strategy role-playing game. The almost infinite playground of dynastic politics in the Middle Ages takes on new drama with the addition of pagan warrior lodges, where you must constantly prove your mettle, and heroic bloodlines that add glamour and prestige to the descendants of history making characters. Holy Fury is available now for $19.99 at the Paradox Store and major online retailers. Holy Fury adds special new challenges for experience players by adding Shattered … Continue reading Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Expansion Charges Forward

Paradox Announces Imperator: Rome Title

What we think of as “western civilization” was not guaranteed. Imagine Alexander’s empire centralized under one successor. Italy might never have been unified under Roman rule, strangling a juggernaut in its cradle. A world without Caesar. Now you can explore these alternate histories in Imperator: Rome. The masters of historical strategy have returned to the days of legions and legends. Paradox Development Studio is happy to announce Imperator: Rome, an upcoming grand strategy game set in the classical world from the glory days of Athens to the establishment of the Roman Empire four centuries later. Rule any nation on the … Continue reading Paradox Announces Imperator: Rome Title

Mandate of Heaven Adds Asian Nations Europa Universalis IV

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today revealed the release date for “Mandate of Heaven,” the latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV. The expansion, which adds new gameplay events and features to Paradox’s award-winning grand strategy game of global domination, will arrive on April 6, 2017 for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Players will be able to experience new ways of playing Europa Universalis IV next month as the major nations of East Asia, with new features surrounding the Japanese Shogunate, the Celestial Empire, and more. Mandate of Heaven will retail for $19.99 via digital distributors worldwide. To give players … Continue reading Mandate of Heaven Adds Asian Nations Europa Universalis IV