Expeditions: Rome Game Shows off New Companions

Expeditions: Rome will release in less than a week – time to show off the companions of your Legatus! During your adventures in Greece, Africa, Gaul, and Rome you will meet five different party members that you will be able to add to your band of heroes, called the “Speculatores.” There is the wise servant Syneros, who is a healer on the battlefield as well as the voice of reason in dialogues. Former Gladiator “Bestia” Tabat is a lightly armored, very agile, and ferocious melee fighter who uses two weapons to overcome his enemies. Julia Calida is the person to … Continue reading Expeditions: Rome Game Shows off New Companions

Expeditions: Viking to Feature Authentic Nordic Soundtrack

Danish indie studio Logic Artists is proud to announce that Expeditions: Viking, the highly anticipated sequel to Expeditions: Conquistador, will feature an authentic Nordic soundtrack composed by acclaimed composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen. The developers will present the game as well as its stunning soundtrack at PAX East in Boston on March 10th–12th. After announcing the release date for Expeditions: Viking as April 27th, Logic Artists – the team behind the Expeditions series – strikes again with another big announcement: The studio is proud to reveal to the public their collaboration with composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen in bringing the world of … Continue reading Expeditions: Viking to Feature Authentic Nordic Soundtrack

Expeditions: Conquistador Announced

Expeditions: Conquistador, a tactical role-playing game will be out by end of the second quarter 2013, offering PC adventurers an exciting and until now rarely used theme: the time of the exploration and conquest of the Americas. Players will face difficult moral decisions as they attempt to successfully lead an Expedition of NPCs through the harsh wilderness of the historical New World. The game project, developed by Danish development studio Logic Artists was completed with the aid of a successful Kickstarter campaign. bitComposer Games will market Expeditions: Conquistador worldwide. About Expeditions: Conquistador It is the 16th century, an era of … Continue reading Expeditions: Conquistador Announced