Space Engineers Game Enters Beta

Today, the team at Space Engineers are pushing all the features from last week’s enormous update to the stable branch. Just in case you missed the news, this includes the total block redesign, new multiplayer netcode, a tutorial campaign and much more! We wanted to make this great update available to all players, as you’ve been asking for it all week! This update marks the transition of Space Engineers entering into the Beta phase. Throughout its time in Early Access, Space Engineers has become the first space sandbox game of its kind and size; as a result, we have successfully … Continue reading Space Engineers Game Enters Beta

Space Engineers Early Access Game Adds Planets

Keen Software House, creators of the popular sandbox game Space Engineers set in outer space, today deployed the Planets, the highly requested content update by the community and biggest feature yet that has reinvented the building experience from the ground up. Space Engineers now provides players a new canvas to expand their creativity across fully deformable, destructible and persistent planets, offering new ways to build, explore and survive. Players now have the option to descend from space onto the planet surface with ships they have built, discover distant planets, build their new home, face new enemies, and even challenge pirates … Continue reading Space Engineers Early Access Game Adds Planets