Space Engineers Early Access Game Adds Planets

Keen Software House, creators of the popular sandbox game Space Engineers set in outer space, today deployed the Planets, the highly requested content update by the community and biggest feature yet that has reinvented the building experience from the ground up.

Space Engineers now provides players a new canvas to expand their creativity across fully deformable, destructible and persistent planets, offering new ways to build, explore and survive. Players now have the option to descend from space onto the planet surface with ships they have built, discover distant planets, build their new home, face new enemies, and even challenge pirates in survival mode.

“Today is a very important day for our community and for us, as we have released not just the biggest feature yet but also one of the most requested by fans since the introduction of Space Engineers to Steam Early Access,” said Marek Rosa, CEO, CTO and founder of Keen Software House. “Planets weren’t part of our initial development plans, but we quickly realized how passionate fans are about it. Our aim is always to make our community happy and we have been working really hard over the past months to deliver a feature that will meet the expectations of every player. I hope they will enjoy it as much as we did making it.”

• Build – bases, outposts, even cities and new types of space ships, vessels, and vehicles using the new set of building blocks (hydrogen and atmospheric thrusters, etc.)
• Survive – gather your resources, build your base and challenge the conditions in new environments.
• Explore – fully destructible and deformable planets and moons
• Discover – three types of planets (inspired by Earth, Mars and an alien world) with different biomes, atmospheres, resources and climate conditions, and three types of moons (inspired by the earth’s moon, Europa and Titan).
• Fight – with alien spiders, patrol pirate bases and dangerous drones.
• Persistent & destructible – anything you build or destroy will stay there forever. You can even dig through the planet if you want!
• Create your own home planet – access the modding options to create your own planets with your own set of rules and conditions and share them with others.

Space Engineers is entering its third year on Steam Early Access after selling more than 1.6 million copies since launch.


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