Romero And Russell To Talk At IndieCade

Two seminal figures in video game history, John Romero (Doom, Quake) and Steve ‘Slug’ Russell (Spacewar!), will kick off IndieCade’s 2012 Professional Conference Friday ‘ Sunday, Oct 5 – 7, 2012 in downtown Culver City during the annual IndieCade Festival. Crowdsourcing and alternative funding will be demystified by a panel of veterans from companies such as Double Fine Adventure, Kickstarter and Humble Bundle. In the first of three interlinking keynotes, John Romero, whose games helped found a videogame genre, will have an informal discussion with ‘Slug’ Russell, the man who helped invent the videogame, period. A Conversation with Russell & … Continue reading Romero And Russell To Talk At IndieCade

Deus Ex: GOTY Edition Improves Perfection

Those of you who read our original review of Deus Ex know that the term is part of a Latin phrase used to describe a person or thing that appears out of nowhere and unexpectedly resolves a great conflict. Ironically, this Game of the Year Edition is the Deus Ex for this fine title. The main difference between the standard version of the game and this one is that you can now play multiplayer, which is a must these days for any shooter. While the original Deus Ex was a fine single-player experience, nothing beats matching wits against an actual … Continue reading Deus Ex: GOTY Edition Improves Perfection

Dominion is too little too late

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With the influx of money and the media attention on certain high-profile personalities, the gaming industry is suffering from some of the same ills as the movie industry. Unfortunately, Ion Storm’s Dominion: Storm over Gift 3, published by Eidos, is a casualty of these ills. In development for over three years, Dominion suffers from a dated approach, poor implementation, and a kind of me-too attitude. Like an over-budget action flick, the game never seems to gel with any particular focus. If Dominion came out two years ago, it would have been the … Continue reading Dominion is too little too late