Signal Void Expansion Adds Frozen Tasks to The Long Dark: Tales From the Far Territory

Hinterland Studio has split their frosty The Long Dark game into two parts, the story-focused Wintermute missions and the open world survival portion. Signal Void is the first major update to the new Tales From the Far Territory survival mode, and adds new tasks, locations and narrative content.

The Long Dark Finally Continues Icy Adventure

Hinterland today launched The Long Dark Episode Three: Crossroads Elegy on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Continuing the wildly popular survival storyline of the WINTERMUTE series, Episode Three: Crossroad Elegy spins the storytelling focus from Will Mackenzie who was featured in the earlier episodes, and drops players into the boots of Dr. Astrid Greenwood as she takes on the unforgiving wild and tells her own unique story of survival and exploration. To open this new instalment of the WINTERMUTE story to existing and new fans alike, Episode Three: Crossroads Elegy is unlocked for all players, regardless of whether they … Continue reading The Long Dark Finally Continues Icy Adventure