Ensemble Studios Founder Creates PeopleFun Studio

PeopleFun, a new game company focused on high-quality games for the mobile space and other emerging platforms, was announced today. After founding three previous companies, Ensemble Corporation, Ensemble Studios and Robot Entertainment, and participating in two high-profile exits, Tony Goodman, PeopleFun’s CEO is taking the covers off of the company that he has been quietly working on in the Dallas area since late last year. Known for creating, growing and managing world-class development teams, Goodman is announcing the new venture because the team’s first title is about to hit beta. ‘The explosion of mobile platforms including iOS and Android is … Continue reading Ensemble Studios Founder Creates PeopleFun Studio

An RTS with a Twist!

I can hear the cries already "Jeesh, not yet ANOTHER RTS with a twist!" But wait until you have tried this new offering from Microsoft Games and Ensemble Studios before ye judge to harshly. Anyone remember that old classic – Populous? Remember how you had god powers granted based on the number of followers you had? Well, Ensemble Studios has worked this into Age of Mythology quite nicely! What you have is a world dominated by three cultures – Egyptian – Norse – Greek. Each is quite unique and each has their own pantheon of gods with their own ways … Continue reading An RTS with a Twist!

Battlegrounds Makes Combat Fun

Ever play a Real Time Strategy game? Red Alert? Empire Earth? Age of Empires? Starcraft? Warcraft? GOOD! Then you are ready to take controls of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds – Lucas Arts’ new real time strategy game based in the world of Star Wars. If not then you will need to go through the whole tutorial before you are ready rather than just the last few missions. Is it a ground breaking new game? Not in the least. Does that really matter? Not to me in the slightest. If a game is fun to play I will play it no … Continue reading Battlegrounds Makes Combat Fun

It’s More Than AOK!

As the reviewer for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, I was interested to see what improvements were made with the Conquerors Expansion pack and whether they were worth the cost. I will save you the trouble of reading any further. Once you install the expansion pack, the upgrades will be so seamless – and so helpful – that after 20 minutes you wont remember any of the improvements unless you go back and play the original. At that point you will miss them, and get very frustrated. So if your still playing AOE2 or even if you have … Continue reading It’s More Than AOK!

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is a ruler

My first experience with Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings went like this. I left work and went home and installed the game then I went to Greg Crowe’s (GiN Features Editor) house warming party. I got home about 10 or so and sat down to play. There I was playing away and really having a great time, next thing I know my alarm is going off. I would have sworn it was at the latest 2 in the morning and it’s 7:30. I admit I did not stop playing at that point, I continued playing until about … Continue reading Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is a ruler