Jet Kave Adventure Platformer Taking Flight

Face challenging bosses, soar across pitfalls, smash through rocky walls, and prove your worth to the tribe. Experience awesome set-pieces, clever secrets, and loads of prehistoric enemies to overcome. Pick up a jetpack left by a clumsy, yet highly dangerous alien invader and make your way through a world where the Stone Age meets Science-Fiction. ABOUT JET KAVE ADVENTURE: Meet Kave! He’s the chief of his tribe – or rather, he was the chief until recently. Banished by his own people, he stumbles upon a jetpack. The device makes him the one and only caveman who can stand against the … Continue reading Jet Kave Adventure Platformer Taking Flight

Action RPG Castle of Heart Slices to Switch

The time has come to prove your value as a knight. Will you have the courage, persistence and flair to defeat the evil sorcerer and save your loved one? Or will you allow your fear, hesitation and misgivings to take control of you? Whatever you decide, make it quick – your stone body is just one step from completely falling apart. Castle of Heart is now available in the Americas, Europe and Australia exclusively in the Nintendo Switch eShop ( priced at 14.99 USD/EUR. Take control of a cursed knight, turned to stone by an evil sorcerer’s spell. Keep moving … Continue reading Action RPG Castle of Heart Slices to Switch