G-Cluster Cloud Gaming Machine To Debut At CES

From TV to mobile to the ultimate cloud gaming machine, G-cluster invites IPTV and wireless operators and game publishers to get in the cloud at CES 2013, January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas. G-cluster, a fully-featured white label service offering the largest deployments at scale and the most deployed catalog of casual and AAA games, will debut its Game Machine platform allowing Operators to bring premium and casual games to the TV without the need for a gaming console. The G-cluster Game Machine plugs into the HDMI port on HDMI-equipped televisions and connects to the home Wi-Fi network to … Continue reading G-Cluster Cloud Gaming Machine To Debut At CES

Android Games Adding MOGA Support

More Android games are now being released simultaneously with support for the MOGA Mobile Gaming System by PowerA. Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and SkyVu Entertainment’s BATTLE BEARS ROYALErecently released on the Google Play store with MOGA support built right into the game. Gamers with a MOGA can download and immediately play those games with precision control that is usually only reserved for console gamers. With Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, for example, using the "iron sight" button on MOGA improves gameplay and can increase a gamer’s performance. Since being released in October, … Continue reading Android Games Adding MOGA Support

NeoGeo X Gold Lands In Europe

FUNSTOCK (in partnership with BLAZE) today announced the NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition entertainment system for the European, Australian, Russia, Africa and Middle Eastern Territories is ready to ship over the Christmas period. The NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition will include a limited edition game card to accompany the 20 classic NEOGEO AES games already pre-loaded on the NEOGEO X Handheld, at no additional cost. Visit the site at: http://www.funstock.co.uk/ FunStock also confirm they will stay open over the Christmas period (including Christmas Day) to ensure that any pre orders and new orders are shipped as quickly as possible over … Continue reading NeoGeo X Gold Lands In Europe

Raspberry Pi Launches Own App Store

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, in conjunction with indie content portal IndieCity, and technology service provider Alcatel-Lucent, is proud to announce the launch of the official Raspberry Pi Store. The new Pi Store features include: A one-stop shop for all users to share their Pi content. The Store is now part of the Raspbian operating system and is also available from the Raspbian repository. Consumers will find free and paid titles available at launch, ranging from games and apps to tutorials and other development tools. Creators can sell their games/apps and tools using IndieCity’s secure payments system. Creators of free content … Continue reading Raspberry Pi Launches Own App Store

PAC-MAN Chomps To Nook Platform

Just in time for the new NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ tablet hardware coming out later this month, NAMCO BANDAI Games America has released the iconic arcade title PAC-MAN onto the NOOK Apps page. Harkening back to the classic 1980 game that was awarded as the Most Successful Coin Operated Game by the Guinness World Records, PAC-MAN for NOOK brings the addictive experience to the NOOK HD, NOOK HD+, NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet for the price of $2.99. The app is available now at the following URL: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/pac-man-by-namco-namco-bandai-games-america-inc/1113521594 PAC-MAN, the world famous arcade classic, returns in this faithful rendition … Continue reading PAC-MAN Chomps To Nook Platform

ESRB Adds New Ratings System For Downloaded Games

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the non-profit self-regulatory body for the video game industry, today announced a streamlined, no-cost service for assigning ratings to all digitally delivered games. ESRB’s new ‘Digital Rating Service’ utilizes a brief but detailed online questionnaire to assess not only a product’s content and age-appropriateness, but also interactive elements, including the sharing of personal information or physical location and exposure to unfiltered user-generated content. This newly streamlined service will first be put into use for downloadable games available from a number of computer and video game platforms including Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Vita, … Continue reading ESRB Adds New Ratings System For Downloaded Games

Fan-Made Sleeping Dogs Live Action Movie

One of the best fan-made short films we’ve ever seen. Apparently Square Enix cooperated and helped to bring it all together. Warning, contains bad language, drug use and all those things we saw in the game. Obviously these guys know what they are doing in terms of both martial arts and film making, but what really impressed me was the fact that they kept the flavor of Sleeping Dogs game in the film. Publishers: Square Enix Platforms: Miscellaneous

ESA Reports Rising Game Popularity

Forty-nine percent of all American homes have a video game console according to new research released today at E3 2012 by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade association that represents the U.S. video game industry. Matching this historically high install base, more Americans than ever are playing video games on smartphones, tablets and handheld devices and changing the way consumers enjoy computer and video games. More than 30 percent said they play games on their smartphones, compared to 20 percent last year. One quarter of gamers said they play games on wireless devices, up from 13 percent in 2011. … Continue reading ESA Reports Rising Game Popularity

Monster Galaxy To Become Graphic Novel

Gaia Interactive, the world-class social gaming publisher of Monster Galaxy, recently announced a partnership with Yen Press to bring the epic Monster Galaxy video game franchise to life through a new series of graphic novels. Monster Galaxy readers will experience all new adventures with their favorite characters while exploring new worlds, meeting new characters and discovering never before seen monsters. Kurt Hassler, Publishing Director at Yen Press, said of the adaptation, ‘Monster Galaxy is a fantastically addictive game, as evidenced by the fact that I can hardly pry our editorial staff away from it since we began discussions of an … Continue reading Monster Galaxy To Become Graphic Novel

Gamer Tablet Announced

Gaikai Inc., the innovative cloud gaming service, today announces the signing of a partnership with Wikipad Inc., makers of the first tablet to offer an attachable, console-quality gamepad controller. The partnership will see the Gaikai client integrated into the tablet, making game streaming available to Wikipad users. Cloud gaming is changing the way video games are consumed. Today gamers have to either drive to a store, wait for games to arrive in the mail, or download games, which can take as long as visiting the store itself. Cloud gaming removes the friction and makes games — no matter how large … Continue reading Gamer Tablet Announced

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