Digital Leisure does Laser Disc

I’m sure that everyone knows about the Laser Disc game craze that took place back in the early to mid 80s (before the big crash). When Dragon’s Lair was released to the arcade masses, it took the country by storm, raking in over $30 million in revenue during the first six months. Dragon’s Lair was the creation of former Disney animator Don Bluth, whom you might know as the animator for classics such as The Secret of NIMH, The Land Before Time, An American Tail, and the recently released Titan A.E., and the game concept was developed by Rick Dyer, … Continue reading Digital Leisure does Laser Disc

Cybiko wireless game device

One of my many highlights from E3 was meeting with Donald Wisniewski, President of Cybiko, about their brand new machine geared toward being the next best thing in wireless entertainment. I already know what you guys are thinking. What or who the GiN is Cybiko?!! Well Cybiko in a nutshell is an intense High-Tech-Gigabyte-Multiprocessing-Cyber Sending-Wireless-Communication machine. (Ouch, what a Brainburner) Actually, in plain English, Cybiko is catchy new wirelesses handheld that allows you to send and receive email to anyone on the net, or send graphics, music, chat wirelessly, or even play games with someone in your "virtual" network. Cybiko … Continue reading Cybiko wireless game device

Intensor LX is intense

The advances in sound technology over the last several years have tried to do one thing – bring the sound closer to the user. One only has to look at an ordinary desk chair to envision the obvious next step. The Intensor LX is a specially designed chair the has speakers placed in strategic locations to give the user a sort of ‘sensaround’ feel. The subwoofer sends its sounds through the base of the chair right into your spine, giving your sound experience that extra punch. The unit that interfaces with your computer’s sound output is a small box that … Continue reading Intensor LX is intense

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