World Of Tanks European Championships Announced


Just around the corner is the very last chance professional World of Tanks players have to qualify for the Global Finals in Poland later in 2014. Held in Tychy, Poland, the European Season 3 Finals will see ‘100,000 awarded to the team that plays best over the two competition days. Six teams will battle it out, of which only a maximum of two will qualify for the Global Finals. Who will make it?

The top three teams are currently Team Dignitas, Virtus Pro and Mousesports, but this means little going into the Regional Finals. As previous finals have shown, World of Tanks professional teams’ offline playstyle is radically different to their online performances throughout the season. With Virtus Pro boasting an impressive offline tournament record and qualifying for the finals as one of the top teams, they are clearly one of the favourites to win. However, Team Dignitas, who lost only three of their eighteen games throughout the season, are on top form and eager to prove themselves. Meanwhile, DeNova, Kazna Kru and Evil Panda Squad are just as able to take the Season Title come January 25th.


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