Violent Game Debate Movie To Screen At VGXpo


The much-debated subject of violence in video games is the subject Freshman Director, Spencer Halpin, chose to tackle in his upcoming feature-length documentary, 'Moral Kombat' which is premiering at the VideoGame Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 3, 2007. The film was the first high-definition documentary shot entirely in HD three years ago using state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge special effects. The content couldn't be a more timely or more appropriate subject
matter and is sure to draw strong reactions from both sides of the debate.

'Spencer Halpin's: Moral Kombat is a probative work that examines interactive entertainment as a medium and seeks to objectively portray the debate in a fair and poignant fashion. It
blends masterfully-imposed in-game action and cinematics with compelling
testimony from leading figures from the video game industry, legislators,
activists and others central to the matter. Though the film itself is not
intended to be controversial, it has struck such a chord from those who are
pro and anti-games.

"I'm really pleased to screen the movie at VGXPO," said Spencer Halpin, the
filmmaker behind the work, "and I envision us having a panel discussion with
participants from the documentary debating the matter thoroughly." Referring
to the subject of the panel, Halpin went on to state, "the interviewees were
so thoughtful and passionate about their perspectives that we just didn't
have time to include as much of the dialogue in the final product as I would
have liked, which gave me the idea of holding panel discussions; allowing the
film to jump to life and the audience to engage in the debate."

Other notable figures from the film who will be attending include: Jack
Thompson one of the most prominent anti-games advocates and central legal figure from the "con" side of the argument. Jack is the mass media's go-to expert on violence
video game legislation and has himself authored bills which sought to
restrict the sale of "Teen" and "Mature" rated games to minors.

Lorne Lanning, perhaps one of the most celebrated game developers and co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, is the voice of artistic expression in the film and seeks to show viewers, and now
attendees, that games are an art form – no different than music or movies –
and therefore deserving of the same protections and respect. Lorne may be
best known for his hit, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysse, a multi-award winning title which spawned four sequels. The panel will be moderated by esteemed journalist N'Gai Croal
from Newsweek, who also authors a popular game-related blog called Level Up on the site. N'Gai has also written for The Washington Post, Details Magazine, The Source, Momentum, and Theater Week.

America's VideoGame Expo will take place November 2-4, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. For more information regarding VGXPO, visit us on the web at

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