Chella Ramanan is our European Correspondent. In her EuroFiles column, the super-sleuth will let us know what’s going on in Europe and the industry in general.

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Gaming highs and lows of 2014

2014 has to be one of the strangest years I’ve seen, over my career in the games industry. ┬áIt was the first year of the next generation consoles, so it should have been all about the positive. Alas, a vocal minority ensured it wasn’t to be. Despite some crashing lows, there were some high points to celebrate. Read on and I’ll give you a rip-roaring overview of the gaming year that was 2014. The Lows: Watch Dogs Watch Dogs had been on my most anticipated list for what seemed like years. But the longer it took to come out, the … Continue reading Gaming highs and lows of 2014