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Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune Videogames Spin To Stores

Today, Ubisoft and Sony Pictures Television Networks announced that video games based on two of America’s favorite game shows, Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, are available now for digital downloads individually and as a compilation and at retail as a compilation on Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system. Jeopardy! video game and Wheel of Fortune video game are available for a MSRP of $39.99 for the bundle and $19.99 for each digital game. “Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are classic TV game shows that continue to captivate audiences today,” said Tony Key, SVP Marketing & Consumer … Continue reading Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune Videogames Spin To Stores

Texas A&M Offers Triseum’s ARTé: Mecenas Game as Credited Course

In an unprecedented move to bolster innovation in learning, a new course centered around a video game was launched this fall in the Department of Visualization of the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. The course, ARTS 489: World of Medici, uses the video game ARTé: Mecenas, which was developed by Triseum in collaboration with the Department’s LIVE Lab. It includes faculty-led lectures and immersive game play whereby students are transported to the 15th and 16th century to commission works of art as a Medici banker. Students can earn one credit hour for achieving 100 percent mastery in the … Continue reading Texas A&M Offers Triseum’s ARTé: Mecenas Game as Credited Course

Galley Combat Sim Mare Nostrvm Ships Out

Mare Nostrvm is a strategy game by the developer of Qvadriga, and it is set during the turbulent war galleys era, when the civlizations along the Mediterranean Sea started to extend their ambitions towards new lands. Naval Squadrons employ real tactics of that time, and the WEGO system will force you to think three moves ahead of your opponent! Choose between fourteen ship types, ranging from the small and primitive penteconter to the powerful decares, and wage war in 24 historic naval battles! Ram enemy ships, board them, or make use of your on-board harpax to make their encounter with … Continue reading Galley Combat Sim Mare Nostrvm Ships Out

Kingdom Sim Hustle Castle Marches to iOS and Android

The creators of mobile hits Jungle Heat and Iron Desert, let players become the lord and master of their own medieval castle! Global publisher and hit developer Studio Nord are excited to announce the global launch of the kingdom simulator Hustle Castle in the App Store and Google Play. This unique strategy game turns players into medieval warlords with control over their own castles, dozens of servants and the war plans against rivaling monarchs. Any king’s greatest possession is his castle. In Hustle Castle, players can challenge the laws of physics by constructing a massive tower bursting with feudal … Continue reading Kingdom Sim Hustle Castle Marches to iOS and Android

Raiden V Director’s Cut Launches

PQube is excited to announce that the latest instalment in the legendary shoot ’em up series, Raiden V: Director’s Cut, is OUT NOW on PlayStation 4 in Europe, both physically and digitally! Prepare for the high intensity, top-down, bullet-dodging action of Raiden V! Take control of the Raiden supersonic attack fighter squadron and scramble to counter the alien threat and save earth from complete devastation. Featuring additional story missions and local co-op, Raiden V: Director’s Cut brings the ultimate edition of the legendary shoot ‘em up experience to the new generation of consoles. Pick up a copy of one of … Continue reading Raiden V Director’s Cut Launches

Laduma Blending Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Technologies

Laduma, one of the world’s leading Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality brands, will take viewers to iconic locations across the United States via a stunning new 360 video called ‘An Alternative Journey Across the US’ at the World Travel Market in London next week. The company’s VR, AR and MR work will be a key attraction at the event, which brings together travel industry leaders for three days at the Excel Arena from Monday. Laduma serves all categories of the tourism industry including hotel chains, sports tourism, ecotourism, destination marketers, countries, regions and cities, among others. It has shot 360 … Continue reading Laduma Blending Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Technologies

Call of Duty: WWII Deploys Worldwide

Call of Duty: WWII is available now digitally and at global retailers worldwide. The most anticipated multi-platform game of this holiday according to Nielsen Game Rank, marks Call of Duty’s return to where the franchise first began, World War II. The new title takes players to the frontlines of the greatest military conflict ever known, through a personal story of heroism and the unbreakable bond of brotherhood, in the fight to save the world from tyranny. Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII also delivers a boots-on-the-ground multiplayer experience with new community-engaging features as well as a terrifying cooperative mode, Nazi Zombies. … Continue reading Call of Duty: WWII Deploys Worldwide

Demo Released for Indie Norwood Suite Adventure

Alliance Digital Media and indie developer Cosmo D, the mind behind Off-Peak, have released a free demo for The Norwood Suite on Windows PC. The demo lets players experience the game’s introductory scenes, explore the grounds and lobby of the secluded Hotel Norwood, and interact with its guests and staff. Players’ progress from the demo will carry over to the full version of the game when purchased, which is available now on Steam, the Humble Store, and for the sale price of $7.99. Recently featured as Kotaku’s “Indie Pick of the Week,” The Norwood Suite is an atmospheric adventure … Continue reading Demo Released for Indie Norwood Suite Adventure

Elvenar MMO Moves to Conquer iOS and Android

InnoGames announced the mobile launch of its successful fantasy strategy game Elvenar. From now on, players all over the world can download the app in the Google Play Store and App Store. The Elvenar app features full cross-platform functionality: Elvenar fans can use their already existing accounts, switch back and forth between devices or create an entirely new account. In addition, InnoGames gives fans the chance to win an iPad Air 2 & a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in a special social media competition! The new Elvenar mobile app features optimized touch controls and a completely new interface, specifically adjusted … Continue reading Elvenar MMO Moves to Conquer iOS and Android

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