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EVE Online Gamers to Help in Exoplanet Search

CCP Games today announced that the search for planets outside our solar system (AKA exoplanets) will come to their massively multiplayer online game EVE Online. This unique scientific crowdsourcing effort represents a collaboration between CCP developers, Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS), University of Reykjavik, and the University of Geneva and its honorary professor Michel Mayor, winner of the prestigious 2017 Wolf Prize for Physics and discoverer of the first exoplanet. Within EVE’s virtual universe, players will interact with real-world astronomical data provided by the University of Geneva through a fully integrated part of the EVE Online game experience called Project … Continue reading EVE Online Gamers to Help in Exoplanet Search

Detached PvP VR Title Heads To Oculus Rift

Being almost at the final stage of Detached development, Anshar Studios is ready to release the game in Early Access version, directly for Oculus Rift devices. Detached is now available on the Oculus Store and can be redeemed directly in a Oculus launcher and virtual lounge. After few months of hands-on tests during the various gaming events (Digital Dragons, Taipei Game Show, Gamescom, PAX West, Casual Connect and others) and receiving useful feedback from Steam users, Detached is finally ready to appear on the Oculus platform. All gamers already owning the device can find the game here: The beta … Continue reading Detached PvP VR Title Heads To Oculus Rift

Creating Communities: The Rise of Live Gaming

Multiplayer gaming is ubiquitous. The quest for a more social, community-led experience is familiar to industries as disparate as casino and MMO gaming. It’s not just a fad either: social platforms earn repeat customers at a much higher rate than offline games, while a key aspect of appealing to millennials – an especially talkative and technologically “switched-on” generation – involves creating media they can influence, shape, and collaborate on. “29 nero” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by pigliapost Live Dealers Casino is perhaps the obvious candidate for a social makeover case study, given that roulette, slot machines, and blackjack lose what limited … Continue reading Creating Communities: The Rise of Live Gaming

Human Conditions DLC Released for Watch_Dogs 2

Today, Ubisoft announced that Human Conditions, the second add-on content pack for Watch_Dogs 2, will be available tomorrow, February 21 on PlayStation4 computer entertainment system. Human Conditions is also part of the Season Pass content and will be available on Xbox One and Windows PC on March 23, 2017. In Human Conditions, biotech takes center stage as players uncover three story-driven DedSec operations set within the vibrant city of San Francisco, investigate a disturbing gang conflict in co-op* with new Elite co-op challenges and face a new enemy type with enhanced tech, the Jammer. The pack contains more than five … Continue reading Human Conditions DLC Released for Watch_Dogs 2

ESA Foundation Accepting Videogame Scholarship Applications

Aspiring video game developers can now apply for the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation’s Computer and Video Game Scholarship Program. Up to 30 scholarships of $3,000 will be awarded to women and minority students pursuing university-level coursework in computer and video game arts. The ESA Foundation’s scholarship program was created in 2007. Since then, ESA Foundation has awarded more than 250 scholarships, helping students pursue degrees in video games. “The ESA Foundation is committed to fostering inclusivity in the video game industry so that everyone who plays games can make games,” said Anastasia Staten, executive director of the ESA Foundation. … Continue reading ESA Foundation Accepting Videogame Scholarship Applications

Paradox Interactive Announces First Public PDXCON Convention

Paradox Interactive is excited to throw the doors open to PDXCON for the first time! Traditionally a press-only affair, this year we are opening the convention for both fans AND press, for a 3-day celebration of all things Paradox. In order to celebrate the occasion we though to do something a little “different”…We present to you: The Legendary Split: Already announced for the convention, which will take place in Stockholm over the 12th-14th of May, are a Cosplay competition, special guests from the modding community, a whole wealth of guest speakers, and there’s plenty more to come! Again, in the … Continue reading Paradox Interactive Announces First Public PDXCON Convention

Announcing the 2016 GiN Game of the Year Awards

By almost any measure, the year 2016 was a good one for gamers. We ended up with multiple titles in every genre. There was almost certainly something for everyone this year, from casual titles to hardcore adventures and RPGs, detailed simulations to lighthearted puzzle-based games – and everything in-between. All of the consoles, the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and WiiU, released good original content, and many games went cross-platform. PC gaming also continued to rise in popularity, with less expensive systems providing the power to play all but the most high-end offerings. And the indie scene could not be healthier, … Continue reading Announcing the 2016 GiN Game of the Year Awards

Bloody Conan Exiles MMO Now in Early Access

Funcom’s epic open-world survival sandbox Conan Exiles is now on Early Access for PC on Steam. Funcom is premiering the Official Cinematic Trailer for the game produced by the talented artists at Bläck Studios. The trailer sets the tone for the savage and barbaric open world that players have to survive, build, and dominate in. Funcom is also excited to announce Conan Exiles – Barbarian Edition! This special edition is the ultimate introduction to the world of Conan the Barbarian and include items such as: • Custom Conan Exiles digital comic book • Exclusive Conan Exiles t-shirt • Six digital … Continue reading Bloody Conan Exiles MMO Now in Early Access

Fallout Shelter Moves to Xbox One and PC

Recently, the massively popular Fallout Shelter from Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition, expands once more to a new audience, putting Overseers in control of their own Vault and an army of Dwellers on Xbox One and Windows 10. Fallout Shelter is available now as an Xbox Play Anywhere title via a free download from the Xbox Store or Windows Store.

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