You’ve Got the Touch


So this week was filled with a lot of random stuff like catching a cold, too much Algebra homework, and running late on typing up this review. Sure, this is all bad stuff but it’s one of those ‘it gets better by comparison’ deals. The good is that I got to sit down on Thursday with Alia (Yes, the webcomic artist) and we talked to a preacher about getting married. So in true video game fan fashion we decided that an appropriate date would be on the release of Skyrim, 11/11/11 (Plus it’s just a neat date and easy to remember). I know that you’re thinking, "What does this have anything to do with your review?" It means that I’m leading up to telling you that I had a great end of the week.

This week I played Vector Stunt and I was impressed. The idea behind the game is to listen to music while running down a track collecting notes and doing stunts. This isn’t exactly a new concept. I’m sure many of us have played or seen AudioSurf at one point or another. Still, this is a lesser seen type of game. The real difference though is that we aren’t collecting notes that exactly match up to the song. Instead the sound levels affect what kind of notes appear on screen and how frequent. So for example if we we’re to listen to "Through the Fire and the Flames"(it’s a music-based game so you knew this was coming) we would have high point notes spamming our screen as we try to collect as many as possible.

This brings me to another point of the game. In AudioSurf we could load up our own music that we listen to and play the game. We can do the exact same thing in Vector Stunt. Many might not think this is a big deal, but just stop and think about the fact that this is a browser-based game. No downloading anything to a computer or at all. This is what I call impressive, and it makes it a great game to play during class with the simple plug in of a thumbdrive.

Moving on I want to talk about a few extras in the game that I found really improved my experience with Vector Stunt.

The graphics. As you can tell by the images Vector Stunt has a real old school arcade look to it. As you should also know old school is never a problem with me. I got great satisfaction when listening to a track that maxed out the audio levels – causing my screen to shake. It was one of those small features that really helped push the game to that "next level" in my book.

Another thing to note is that you’ll enjoy the audio found in game. Yeah, it was a cheesy point to make because you get to choose the music but I still had to make it. Just think of how different gaming would be if every game would let us play our favorite songs in place of the generic background music? I couldn’t resist it and ended up having to play "You’ve Got the Touch" and "Dare" from the original Tansformers movie. : )

So at the end of the day Vector Surf is an amazingly fun game that has really gone to the next level of browser-based gaming. With its classic graphics, addicting gameplay, and a soundtrack you’re sure to love Vector Stunt gets only the best

5 Gin Gems out of 5!


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