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Welcome Time Wasters!

I know it hasn’t been long since the last one, but I am yet again checking out another game that isn’t actually out. This time around the game simply goes by the title Knight Demo.

According to Knight Demo’s creator, the game was one that they were working on and dropped part way through development. They ended up posting the demo online because they were happy with how it looks.

Knight Demo
Alas, poor Yorick!

I can understand wanting to show off something that was initially dropped. I don’t know the exact case around it, but getting some attention from this demo could convince the developer to start working on the game again. Honestly, I hope this is the case, as I like what I’m seeing.

Knight Demo is a 2D game that puts players in the role of a knight. Not much of a surprise, huh? There’s really no story to the game, but we can get a definite feel for it through the atmosphere. Everything is a bit dark and gloomy. There are a few zombies around the area, as well as a few cage elevators.

To go along with all of this is the ambient sound. There are slight groans here and there, the rattling of chains and a strange silence. I definitely got a a Dark Souls vibe from the game, which isn’t a bad thing in my book.

The combat in Knight Demo is simple, but it works. Players can swing their swords to attack. It’s a two-hit combo, but players can keep it going just by holding the button. They can also dodge back  from enemy attacks, as well as bring up a shield to block with.

Knight Demo only features a few zombies for players to kill in its current state. They aren’t hard battles, but I can see enough care in the game that the system would work well with more enemies. I’d really love to take on some giant bosses too.

Knight Demo
Despite all my rage I am still just a knight in a cage!

Knight Demo is a little rough around the edges, but I wasn’t expecting any less. The one thing that really sticks out to me as a critical flaw is the camera. It actually pans slower than what the player moves. This means its easy for the player to outrun the camera and go off screen. I actually got hit by zombies a couple of times doing this. An increase to camera speed is a requirement if the developer ever plans to make this into a full game.

Overall, there’s a lot of promise in Knight Demo. It’s clearly not a finished game, but is a great proof of concept. Maybe the developer will create a Kickstarter for it and continue its development. I sure hope so, at least.

As always with demos and other unfinished games, Knight Demo will not be getting a final score.


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