Out of Space Offers Zany, Cooperative Fun

Shout to the doctors, nurses, and surgeons making a difference out there for people. Know that you are especially loved and appreciated in these harsh/crazy times. Thank you for working so hard to heal the sick! With that said, it’s the second week of quarantine. So I say to you still wash your hands, do the elbow cough, and of course wear a mask if you have it. Plague doctors masks are also welcome in this perfectly appropriate time. I’m just saying. It might even scare of the toilet roll hoarders, you never know. Just remember to snag some extra for the less fortunate and the elderly who needs it. Be a hero. (in costume or not)

Alright so what’s the perfect game to make fun of this situation? Out of Space! It’s perfect. You have your roommates and you’re trying to do different stuff all at one time without getting in the way of each other. If you truly need a good laugh and have a fun time with the family or friends, even roommates for those who love couch party games! This game is it!

Out of Space very much reminds of the Animal Crossing mixed with Tank Maniacs. It’s cute, its fluffy, and best of all you can play by yourself or with four other people! Which is perfect for the quarantine we’re currently going through! Speaking of quarantine, you’ve got aliens to deal with, ick! So you’re an adult in space moving into a new apartment trying to find a life of your own. Just get to your new place, unpack and relax. Sounds easy right? Wrong! All wrong! You to fight off an alien attack while you do it, with your broom! Where’s the laser guns, right?

Your goal is to do the chores fast before the aliens get goo all over you. Everything pops up quickly so you have to figure out which is more important, rest, food, cleaning or recycling aliens. Speaking of recycling, it’s not all bad, you do find a bunch of trash that you can recycle for money. Which you can go to the shop and get more supplies if you need it. ( Trust me you will, I locked myself out of a room with a bucket, which I need.) Now this is looks easy but it’s not. If you’re by yourself then you will be up against the computer. And it gets harder the higher level you get. Imagine how you would feel when you and three other people play this game. You are all trying to get things done at the same time. It’s like trying to get all the toilet paper before it’s all gone.

What I like about this game is that you can play with the steam controller. Which I highly recommend getting. You would also need to get a USB port for the other players as well.

Overall, Out of Space aint easy. The developers trick you into thinking it’s easy, as the chores are simple enough. However you do have to do everything in a timely manner. This game is pretty awesome and has some cute characters that you can earn along the way too.

There’s even a fox, yes it even puts the “what does the fox say” joke in there. Out of Space is pretty cool and punny for those of you that need a good laugh.

Out of Space is really addicting as well. I can’t really stop playing it. Seriously guys, play this game! Also watch where you put your stuff. Floor layout is everything. If you do that right, it will make all of your tasks in the game a lot easier.

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