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Hey guys! Welcome back to another review from the Modern Gamer! This week’s review is Black Desert Mobile. I gotta say it’s pretty intense for something that’s on Mobile. Made for an Android or iOS, this is basically the mobile version of Black Desert Online, which is a very popular game over on the PC and also console.

I have an iPad and thus the bigger screen is really nice for Black Desert Mobile. I was really surprised how nice everything came together. And best of all it scratched my World of Warcraft itch. Oh did I mention it’s also free to play? Yes it is! And the best part is that you have the option to purchase items if you want. I know that’s the same with every free to play MMO out there, but for some reason, I wouldn’t mind spending actual dollars to get good stuff.

Graphics are on the low side, however it works well with the mobile version. Cause it’s on a small screen, some things are blurry. However because the screens are smaller you really can’t tell. It’s a really beautiful game. I also like how they put characters in the speech bubbles. They are nice done as well. What I really like about the character interaction is that they have voices, and great expressions when they talk, even some animation in the eyes! That’s just freakin cool! They really put in the extra effort here.

Customization of characters is huge in Black Desert. I mean in the PC version you can be as meticulous as you want with your character. It’s insane. There’s a video out on YouTube that’s about 45 minutes long showing you how to customize your character. In the Mobile version though, it’s not that much. They still give you a lot of great things to choose from. If you’re an indecisive person, it might take you awhile. But hey, they have a beauty album to help you keep track.

Game Play is nuts! Black Desert’s play interfaces are really great and easy to use. There’s four tier slots on the right side of your screen for attacks and spells. You just fill those and you’ll be on your way. You can even put them in combination with other spells and just go to town on some bad guys.

Moving around is really nice too, you can turn the camera around anyway you want by touching the screen, even while you move! Oh and for quests you can tap on the quest list and it’ll automatically take you right to where you need to be. No need to wonder around aimlessly.

Speaking of quests there’s a lot of them to be had. Oh yes and if you like the Stardew Valley thing they have side quest for you to grow your camp and make it look really nice.

Yes you have to forage, log, mine, and fish. But it’s a great way to pass the time if you need a break and get your gathering on. OH one more thing. You get to hire workers. You have to really pay attention to loyalty though. The more you talk to them, the harder they work. Also if you run out of things to do, the black desert spirit gives you grinding quest! A fast way to level your character.

The plot line is a bit of a mystery. You wake up on a beach in Velia with a little cloud thing that talks. It’s called the black spirit and it helps you on your quest to get stronger. But in return you have to help it gather clues about itself and help it get to its final form. There’s also a lot of back story in the world that you’re in. Like the fall Cron Castle and finding relics that are supposedly in the past but also in the future. It really makes you think. But if your into finding out what’s going on in the plot world (some people like to just level and grind) it’s also fantastic. I highly recommend this one guys.

One more thing I did forget to mention is that there are a lot of things you have to learn, but luckily for us there are easy to follow tutorials narrated by the black spirit, a great plus for a complex online game. He’s a great little helper, so do pay attention. That’s it! Happy gaming guys!

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