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Greeting and salutations Modern Gamer fans! We’re back on track we’re repaying a visit to the online Mobile MMO Black Desert! There’s so much about this game, it’s really hard to get into all the good stuff. A lot of updates happened since I played it. I hate that I androcan’t do it all. But today I am going to talk about Merchantry, one of the new side games you can play.

Here’s the deal my dudes, when you get your camp in order and established, while getting all of your little shops built, you can start Merchantry. You have several options to choose from. Also if you haven’t done anything with your stables, and if you haven’t caught any horses, I would suggested you get on that. You can find them Near Velia and Heidel. (Those are the easiest to catch anyway.) You will need a horse to pull your cart.

Ok some news on stables and horses. This is important as you will them to pull your cart. When I started out I had to ride my horse and take it out on adventures to level it up. Which is great, but the new upgrade makes it to where you can level a horse by feeding it hay. The easiest way to it however is by riding your level 10 horse on adventures or while hunting. Which you can do by setting you character to hunt for three hours after you log out. You can also purchase black spirit plus to add three more hours to your hunting time. With that said, you can breed your horses as well when you level them up all the way to seven. Be ready to hook which ever horse you want to the buggy to pull it. The higher the tier of your horse the faster you go.

Whew with that outa the way, we can finally focus on Merchantry. So along with your trades, and nodes, you’ll notice two extra slots. One is for your cart, workers (body guards), food and trade goods. The name of the game is to travel to different places and trade as many goods as you can for the highest price. It’s kinda like playing the stock market.

The main trade goods would be specialty items you get from each town. Like Velia has grapes, and the Western Campguard has a military combat book. Which would be important to places like Behr and Treant. While Ephria has things Velia would need, like Harpoons. Like the stock market, it changes often.

The other goods you can collect are things you find on your adventures or are sold by other merchants you visit. Things like mysterious black liquid, dragon statues, and mid-grade crystals.
Finally you have items you can make from your camp with your trade shop! You get your workers to make these things for you. They can only make 10 at a time. Luckily, the trade shop gives you items that are popular for the day.

The button to your right is solely based on building your carts. Currently you have three to build. You have the basic cart, the smaller white cart, (which is faster and carries more food) and then there’s a super cart (the one that carries more items and food, but is not faster). It takes a lot of material to build them. You can gather more materials to build from your world gathering and you can also gather them with your works in Merchantry!

One of the things I really like about this game is that you have the ability to travel and gather building supplies for your camp while you’re out. You can also trade them too when you visit other towns. But you have to have rapport with those merchants in town. Now there is one interesting fellow, he’s a fox that’s called the traveling merchant. He’ll sell you all kinds of goods and buy from you normally at 200% of the profit. Which is what you want. But you can’t exchange any building supplies with him. You can mostly get things like blackstones and caphreas dust.

You can gather right? You can level up your works by fighting off enemies. I kinda feel sorry for them because they’re like “stay back my lord, I will protect you” when I could crush those things on my own. LOL Oh, you can also get random treasure chests along the way!

Alrighty we’re finally getting down the end. (Whew, I told you guys this was a lot to cover.) You can’t play Merchantry forever. There is a timer, kind of, when your food runs out. However you can go back to your camp and resupply on food. It gives you a boost to the next region, so be mindful of where you go. Also speaking of roads, you can lead the cart by hand or by auto travel in the destination box. The last thing I will tell you is that sometimes Black Desert will hold special Merchantry events where if you do something in your camp you can earn what’s called Shadow Crow potion. It makes you go faster, open up events, and cross through them like it was nothing.

I told you guys that this was a long one. The creators of Black Desert spare no expense when it comes to detail. That’s all for now! Catch ya’ll next Saturday!

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