Be Kind and Rewind With Timelie!

Hi there fellow gamers! It’s another glorious and super-hot Saturday with yours truly, the Modern Gamer! It’s the middle of July and scorching hot outside! So settle in with your favorite cold cereal and iced drink as I tell ya’ll about the epic game called Timelie.

This is an interesting one, I’ve only played one other game like it, and Timelie has got a lot more to it. It’s a very basic storyline. You wake up in a bed, located in this surreal spaceship-like world that you have navigate your way out of. It’s pretty confusing at first, but the tutorial is well planned out. You and your cat have to find a way out of this place without getting noticed by the robots patrolling all around. In this way, it reminds me of Limbo and how you really don’t have much of a storyline, just a goal to reach.

The gameplay, puzzles, and graphics are what brings Timelie to life. How does it work? You get a video player at the bottom of your screen, which allows you to play out your scenario. You must sneak your way through the robots, using your cat to help out when necessary, and escape each level. You also gain powers like being able to fix broken platforms, which is pretty handy as well as getting more advanced help from your cat. You may think this is easy, but it’s harder than it looks. So if you’re looking for a good challenge this game is it!

You also get to scroll ahead using shift/D or use the cursor to scrub forward. And you don’t use the directional buttons to move. You have to use your curser to move. This game is a lot like Chess, which is what makes the game hard. Cause you can move all you want, but if that robot comes back to where you’re standing and you’re in the middle of a move you’re toast! You cannot be in its line of sight or its game over. Which means you butt better be behind something when the robots are nearby.

Also, if you get killed, which will happen a lot, you can rewind time and try again. This sounds like it would make the game easy, but that is not the case. Rewinding time is necessary because Timelie is so difficult. Without it, the game would pretty much be impossible. This way, its challenging but fair, and a lot more fun.

One other thing I really like about Timelie is the art style! It’s absolutely beautiful. It has a modern art look to it for the backgrounds. The lighting sets the mood for the game play, and while it seems relaxing, it’s actually really suspenseful. It gives off the illusion that this is easy when it’s not. Another thing I like about this game are its character designs. I would love to see more storyline behind it. But clearly, it’s all about the gameplay here. I’m looking forward to seeing more in next installments or the next Timelie game.

So with that said, Timelie is the ultimate stealth game you’ve been waiting on. It earns high marks for this week’s Modern Gamer review, and a high recommendation from me!

Get your favorite iced drink and settle in for a super fun way of playing chess. Curious about the ModernGamer? Check out their websites, at and for more!

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