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RTS takes an RPG spin

Strategy games have a special place in my heart. Especially those that take place in the middle ages. Needless to say I was excited to hop into the world of Real Warfare II. The story places you with the knights of the Teutonic Order as they are placed in charge of helping take out pagan Prussia.

In this game they introduce an RPG element into the game. It gives you the freedom to move around the map to different cities and villages as well as having a level up system. I’m not crazy about it, I felt as though it pulled a little away from the game. Instead on focusing on how to build my army, I had to focus more on leveling up my general than actually building up my forces.

Due to the nature of this game I was actually at a tactical disadvantage not being able to build my traditional cavalry based plan. Normally I set up a phalanx of pikemen and have a boatload of cavalry on the flanks. This game doesn’t allow that very easily so I had to think outside the box.

The problem is however they really make you jump through hoops just to find the box. After going through a few of the main missions and a couple side quests I decided I wanted to upgrade my militia to actual soldiers. Even though I had the gold (which is practically non-existent in this game) it said I didn’t have the leadership. This is why I don’t like the RPG element in this game. Instead of going off of battle results it goes off of some odd level up system.

Real Warfare II floats in the middle of two genres and they don’t mix well. I haven’t cursed this much at a game since The Darkness. Already you’re starved for troops, this game makes it a royal pain to get other units. Then they place you in a battle where you’re surrounded on all four sides by heavy infantry and cavalry.

I’ve always considered myself a defense minded person and on other games I would have put up a great fight, but in this game I was routed. After the battle I prepared to rebuild and give it another go…instead I got a game over. I had to put it down and walk away.

Graphics wise this game is amazing. It was too strong for my laptop’s video card so my buddy and I installed it in his gaming laptop and used my thirty two inch TV as a monitor. Everything was crisp enough that I felt like I was on the battlefield. Audio on this game is absolutely perfect and is about as realistic as it could be.

Real Warfare II is perfect from a visual point of view. As you play farther and farther through the game, it gets harder and harder. Two warnings about this game I’d like to give you before you consider buying it. First, this one is extremely difficult and should not be taken lightly. Second, this game has extremely high graphics output. My friend’s gaming laptop was struggling to keep up. Overall I think Real Warfare II: Northern Crusades should have avoided the RPG system. But, it was entertaining enough to give it an above average 4 GiN Gems final score.

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